Thursday, March 1, 2012

quick update

I have five minutes until my gel is done running and I can go home for the day so I thought I'd throw out a quick update on life....

Research this week has kinda sucked. I had to redo about 3 weeks of work but Im almost caught up already which is really good but has been really tiring and stressful putting in a lot of hours. I was here this morning at 6:30 and it is green beer day no less....
green beer day
So I worked all morning and studied the meanwhile- went to lunch with a bunch of awesome people from the department wearing our awesome Green Beer Day shirts *(thank you Amber B for being awesome and coming up with them- nerdy and awesome at the same time!!!)
Big test tomorrow- we'll see how that goes- keep me in your thoughts

Boyfriend is going to Vegas on Saturday!!! How exciting is that? I will miss him tons but its only a couple days and I know he will have a blast which makes it a lot easier
a week from tomorrow Im taking him home with me to meet the whole family! I cant wait to see my family especially mom and dad! I don't understand how people don't love their families sometimes... Mine is awesome :) All my sisters and brother are coming to dinner that sunday while i am home too!! Can't wait for them to all finally meet Phil. Oh and the applebees gang is gonna come hang out on Saturday too which will be awesome- its been awhile

Sorry this is super short but I wanted to make sure you knew I didnt forget about you guys.

Recruitment at Miami is this weekend and Ill be working all weekend while Phil is away but I will try to get a real update in by Sunday night!
God Bless!

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