Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Busy busy upcoming

So my schedule is about to get super crazy so I apologize in advance if the posts come few and far between until May 3rd ish....

Heres why:

March 16: Ecology Exam
20: Advance Molecular Biology Exam
23: Ecology research project presentation
27: Advanced molecular biology proposal draft due
28: Ecology literature presentation
30: Lab research presentation
April 6: Committee meeting
10: Adv Molec proposal due
11: prerun for seminar
18: Ecology microbe presentation
23: Ecology Journal club presentation
25: Ecology lab research final results presentation
30: Ecology Final
May 2: Adv Molec Final

And in case you are wondering Seminar is an hour long presentation that I give to my coworkers, grad students, and faculty... Insert scared face here....

So I also have a ton of research to get done before seminar so that I have awesome data to show off....
Here comes the sprint to the finish line for first year PhD


Went home this past weekend!! and I took Phil!! He got to meet some of my bestestest friends and almost all my siblings!! They all seemed to like him just fine (at least I haven't heard otherwise hehehe) It was so great getting to see everyone.. Its crazy how much I miss everyone back home and a weekend is never enough time to see everyone or spend enough time with everyone but Ill take a weekend over nothing!!

Another side note:
Mom got me new jeans, a new size lower (10) and they fit!!! I am so stoked I started out at a 14/16 and now am in a 10!! Single digit jeans here I come.... Hopefully my weight loss doesn't plateau but I can keep going. My goal is an 8 because I feel I'd look funny at a 6 with my build and chest and butt size hahah but who knows.... As long as its healthy I dont really care...

K i gotta get back to work now!!

And a happy early St Pattys Day!!

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