Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Great week.... I can feel it in my bones

This week is going well and will be getting even better...!!!!

A) My sweetie comes home from Vegas today!
B) Its spring break so no classes giving me time to catch up on papers i need to write, tests I have to grade, and research that I need to get done
C) Working out!! Went for a 1000 calorie jog on the treadmill on Sunday and I am trying to keep up with myself this week.... So far not bad... maybe 1001 tonight after work ;)
D) Did I mention Phil is coming home?
E) One month until the Detroit Tigers Season opener!! Yayee for Baseball Season!!!!
F) No Journal Clubs or papers to read
H) Get to see my lovely parents, some great friends, and some even more amazing siblings, nieces, and nephews this coming weekend!!!! I couldn't be more excited!!!

K it was short sorry but I gotta get to work

Peace and Love

Happy Super Tuesday Voters!!!

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