Monday, February 27, 2012

Balance in my life

So it seems like lately even when something bad happens something good happens to just keep things evened out... which is good... And maybe things are even that great sometimes but you gotta look at the positive right?

So lets begin with this weekend when I woke up one day with a sore throat and i wasn't sure if it was an allergy or if it was a legit sickness because i didn't really have any other symptoms just the sore throat.... So i wasn't sure if the boy should come over or not but I knew he wanted to so I allowed it as long as he didn't kiss me and so he came over and let me tell you how much fun I had... We had the coolest date ever... After studying all day I wanted to bake something so it was decided that the two of us would make funfetti cupcakes which are his favorite.... somehow or another within minutes we were in a full fledge food fight and batter ended up all over both of us and the kitchen cabinets and the fridge and even on the living room floor and walls which was awesome hahaha.. cleaning up wasn't that awful either but even if it had been it would have been totally worth it.

so then today... school wasn't bad and I got a lot of homework done but then I got some bad news and a months worth of work went down the drain and I essentially have to start over..... On the bright side I hadn't started my triplicate experiment yet so that wont have to be re-done. also maybe the results will be more accurate and precise this time around.... Also my epic awesome boyfriend--- So i tell him about my day and what does he do? he jumps in the car and comes to my rescue. He even went for a run with me while i burned off my frustration... then in his awesomeness he brings me a shamrock shake which i have been craving since last st. patricks day.....
epic awesome bf? I think so....

On a sad note: my thoughts and prayers go out to all people and the families of the victims from the ohio shooting today. Its an awful thing that it happened and my thoughts go out to them all. hopefully one day the world will be more conducive to learning and love rather than hatred and violence....

"I pray for peace today in the hope that I won't have to tomorrow"

Thursday, February 23, 2012


So I got on the wii fit today and I am down 7lbs from the last time I was on it... Color me excited!!! Which made me start to analyze how different my life is in oxford vs erie... lets go through the day shall we?

Wake up around 7: shower breakfast, coffee
School by 9
lunch: fast food usually or I made something quick
School til 4 sometimes 5
Home to watch the bf play video games
Dinner: usually boxed dinners or pasta
bed around midnight

weekends: Sleep in big breakfast study all day

Up at 6am,
7am: Breakfast of special K cereal
shower get to school by 9
Lunch: Apple, Lit and fight yogurt, either another fruit or granola
Class/work/teaching til 5
home: Workout 60-90 minutes
Dinner: fresh chicken/salmon veggies/ fruit
Bed by 10pm

Weekends: Sleep in
Work out
Go outside with Phil or get out of the house
Healthy lunches and dinner
Still to bed early

Big differences huh?
no wonder Im getting healthy again
I gained it all in a year I'm sure I can lose it in less than that!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Self revelations


I am slightly addicted to facebook, I sing in the car, I take things more personally than i should, Im trying to be a stronger person and a better christian on a daily basis. I am a hopeless romantic and believe my prince will come. i love sunshine and being outdoors and procrastinate like its my job. I hate studying but love to learn. i dont like feeling like im out of the loop and i hate it when people look at me like they just dont get me. I love random useless trivia. I will give my last dollar to a stranger on the street if needed because I believe in the best in people and someday I will change someone's life
I think Im pretty outgoing and Im not afraid to strike up a conversation


I honestly think things happen for a reason. I think I am where I am because I was meant to be here. I often feel like an idiot/goofball. I quit caring what people think of me because I believe it's more important to like what I think of myself. I am still trying to be a better Christian although I falter often. I am much less addicted to facebook that I was. I still sing in the car. I am still a hopeless romantic but I have found my prince and I think I might just have gotten lucky and found 'the one'. I still hate studying but I love to learn to new things. I still love random useless trivia and I often share that with people. I would still give my last dollar to a stranger on the street. I want very badly to change someone's life. I wish I could be in more places that one at once. I am very organized when it comes to school and work but not so much when it comes to my house. I sleep with a stuffed animal. I miss my family on a daily basis. I want to travel the world and thats what I dream about at night. I don't like how I've treated some of my friends in the past and I am still trying to make it right but still am not sure how. I won't settle for anything. I watch Nickelodeon still and ABC family. I still love scary movies but one hasn't scared me in a very long time. I'm weird about my teeth. I'm petrified of deep water. I want to go in a hot air balloon. I recently found a love of hiking. I wear too much black but Im not goth I just think its sliming haha. I wish I could wear hats more often. I want to be a mom one day. I want to be a good girlfriend. I want to learn to cook new things because I love to cook now. I smile at tv shows and movies even when I am alone. I talk to myself occasionally.I love to dress up. I miss playing softball. I miss my friends from back home especially those I grew up with. I like small town life. I bite my nails so I paint them so I wont. I like to hold hands. I'm a hugging kind of person. I wish i could ballroom dance. I 'm like an old lady and go to bed at 10 most nights haha. I'm a morning person. I get way too hyper sometimes. I am an awful singer but do it anyway. I dance around my apartment when no one else is here. I own way too many shoes. I hate centipedes. I love having a big family. I miss my nieces and nephews all the time. I believe you make your own luck. I don't see any reason to not talk to someone new and meet new people. I have random tastes in music, tv, and books. I wish i could redecorate my place on a monthly basis haha. I love to write. I like the color blue. I am who I am not who you want me to be.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The whirlwind that is my life!!

A) I have a job- teaching MBI 201 to mostly freshman and sophomores (We'll say 6-10 hrs/week)
B) I have another job- Research in the Dr.Rachael Morgan-Kiss lab (approx 40hrs/week)
C) I am a student working on her PhD taking multiple classes
D) I have a social life, can you believe it?? Friends, a boyfriend, great family
E) I like to take care of myself- I work out a least an hour per day and I try my best to eat right

So this past week was kind of crazy. My research has been going well so I have been spending more time in the lab working on it and some reactions take forever it seems like. Teaching is going well, I really like my class and they seem very intelligent and they are having a test next week so I spent last week typing up the test and getting it ready for them. And of course Valentines Day and my anniversary with Phil occurred back to back but I got to see him so that was exciting. I made him heart shaped cupcakes and cooked dinner and later in the week he brought me the cutest present: Costello, which looks kinda like our future puppy- A Bernese mountain dog

Classes are going well too I had a big presentation to give last week in Adv. Molec Bio and it went really well and I got my grade back and I got an A so I was happy with that as well.. Some of the feedback was funny though- evidently I humanize bacteria by saying things like "This makes the cell happy" which I was aware I did because I feel like its easier to learn but evidently it isn't always a good thing but other than that most of the comments were super helpful and I feel like I am slowly becoming a better speaker which is good because I present an hour long seminar in April on my own research in front of all the grad students and all the faculty and anyone else who feels like coming... Good luck to me I guess haha. Anyway it was a lot and then I got to relax for the weekend by hanging out with my sweetie..

Friday night I worked out, paid some bills, then he came over. We had decided to go to the casino just for fun since i had to cancel on him the weekend before because I just had too much work that needed to get done. It was super fun and I only lost like 20 bucks which was all i really took anyway but we won't talk about that haha.. Phil seems to think Im lucky but Im stingy too which makes for a really bad gambler... Although I discovered I really like roulette haha. So after midnight we make it home and I decide to sleep in for awhile on saturday then get a work out in before I got my hair done up for the Charter Day ball

Yea thats my hair hahaha I thought it was cute... So anyway after Im all fancied up and have the exam for 201 typed up he finally gets to see me and I get to see him and let me tell you He looked HOTT!! All dressed up and fancy he sure does clean up good. So anyway we went out to dinner first and I felt all crazy being all formal in a normal restaurant but it was fun anyway... I know all the girls were jealous :) So then we head to the ball and it was awesome (See previous post for pictures of the place and my fave pic of us)  The night was amazing... We danced and talked and laughed and he got to meet some more people from my life and it was overall a great night and we didn't even make it home until well after 1am. Which of course resulted in an epic lazy sunday of not getting out of bed and doing all homework from the confines of my comforter and pillows and of course my new Costello. Random side note for the name in case you are curious- My super awesome friend Megan and I were having a discussion about Bernese puppy names because she wants one as well... Her comment was Abbott which of course meant I had to suggest Costello and for some reason the name stuck in my head hahah. So my stuffed puppy is named for that hahaha
This week is still kind of hectic since there is a bunch to get done before spring break (not that I get spring break off, but still for teaching and for my classes there is a lot to be done.... then I got to thinking that it has been awhile since I wrote a self proclamation.. I did this about a year ago and it was kind of interesting  to reflect on who I am and who I have become so I thought I'd try again and see how much has changed since the last time.. I even used part of my last one for profiles on facebook and google and other websites... I recommend all of you trying it... It is kind of interesting to look at how you view yourself...

Especially with Lent beginning so soon here- I am debating if I want to give up something for Lent or not. I already know that I am going to do something I learned in the church in Toledo. The priest made the revelation that rather than give up something meaningless (I mean honestly, how does giving up watermelon in the middle of Winter make me a better Christian?) that we should instead do something every day for someone else. I am thinking of doing both. First off I am going to do one nice thing for someone everyday that I have to go out of my way to do. It can't be something I'd do on a daily basis so it has to have effort and love and compassion associated with it. A pay it forward kind of thing I guess. I might give up something too just to feel the deprivation but I don't know what I enjoy enough to want to give up and make it meaningful... Decisions Decisions... Seeing as how its Fat Tuesday I should get deciding this I guess....

Ok so this post is getting long... I will post my self revelation either tonight or tomorrow
Peace and Love to you all

Sunday, February 19, 2012


 So Epic Weekend, short post sorry...
Casino Friday night, The ball Saturday night, Lazy sunday--- Epic!!

Above: Us in the car on our way to the charter day ball...
 Below: the awesome stage at the ball

Above: My hot date and I....
Will post more soon I promise just not tonight!!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Call me Cinderella!

Call me Cinderella because I feel just like her with the exception of that whole wicked step sister and step mom part haha...
So one of the undergrads, Alex ended up with two extra tickets to Miami's Charter Day Ball check it out here if you are curious-> Charter Day ball Link <-
It's this big huge ball that Miami throws every three years. So anyway he ended up with two tickets and offered them to me.. insert big giddy smile here...  Then there is this really hott guy who wants to go with me... Yes its my boyfriend Phil, but I wasn't lying about the hott part!! So anyway he is all for it and we are going this Saturday night... Which left me with a dilemma... Dress??? So last night two of my friends came with me to find a dress at the mall and get this... there is a store with the name "Cinderella" and all it sells is formal dresses... So 20 some dresses later we have it narrowed down to two dresses and it was decided that I should wear this really pretty brown one... Ill post pictures after Saturday... So I buy the dress of course and let me tell you how awkward the shopping went from there... Boys may not want to read this part but I was intrigued to find that you can buy backless bra which you literally stick to your skin... craziness... Well anyway I got that and then made an appointment to get my hair done too... Im going all out for this just like it was prom all over again but I am very excited about it... I kind of wish that I had someone around here like my mom though- I kind of want someone to gush over us and take pictures of when we first see each other all dressed up, you know... the super corny stuff that makes moments like that fun... So anyway Saturday Night I will be away from my phone because I will be dancing the night away with the love of my life... I couldn't be more happy!!

So then I hope everyone had a good Valentines Day.... my stove went out while I was trying to make my baby some heart shaped cupcakes but the maintenance guy let me into one of the unfilled apartments and I ended up cooking dinner and dessert from the neighbor apartment... I got to see my baby though which was all that mattered!! I got the sweetest gift too but its sweet and romantic so you don't get to know, but Im excited about it!!

So I made the decision today that Im going to enter a half marathon... I started training today... I got on the treadmill, set the pace for a light jog and jogged for 99 minutes straight (99 minutes because at 99 minutes the treadmill shuts off and wont turn back on for a couple minutes) anyway I jogged a little over 8 miles and burned about 900 calories...  A half marathon is about 13 miles so I figure I'm 3/4 of the way there.... So I am going to gradually get up to 13 miles then I will pick up the speed and then hopefully before race time Ill be up to 15 miles so give a little extra so 13 doesn't seem so long hahaha I am really excited about this new goal so as long as I stick with it it should be pretty exciting and fulfilling... I haven't ran that far in a very long time. I figure this will be good for my health, my figure, and my sanity!! i love how I feel after running!! Gotta love those endorphins!

Random ranting now:
I am annoyed beyond belief at the Edon School district right about now... Politics were bad when I was in school but I feel like they have gotten even worse... Names are everything now which sucks for all those kids who don't have the "right" one... Talent doesn't matter, hard work doesn't matter, skill doesn't matter, intelligence doesn't matter, but if you are lazy no talented kid with the right last name and your daddy gets you in then you are bound to start varsity or get better grades. The school is even jaded in their attitude towards teachers... most teachers got into the profession to help kids and educate the youth but now Edon is firing good teachers and even the librarian because of budget cuts.. but you know what we have multiple athletic directors and we rehire back "retired" teachers and hire other teachers to be coaches. This is not how it is supposed to be. Then they say they are getting rid of teachers and won't tell anyone why they choose who they choose even though they dont get rid of less skilled teachers or people with less seniority because they are coaches or have good last names... So they get rid of teachers with seniority who want to help and teach instead....  Even picking coaches is stupid... They would rather hire someone young an inexperienced rather than hire someone who set records and knows how to coach.. one potential coach even offered to work for free for the first year but he didn't have the right last name so he got passed over.. what the hell is happening to that school district... And heaven forbid people speak their minds... Its like everybody wants to just accept the corruption and pretend life is great... and when someone speaks up then everyone cowers in a corner and would rather the person speaking up shut up... When the hell did it be ok to let corruption and injustice run rampant? The name game was crappy when I was in school but it has gotten so much worse... Personally Im very proud of the people who stand up for their kids and stand up for other kids when their own parents wont or cant.... These are the people who should be in educational positions.... These are the people who should be celebrated and not condemned... Speak your minds people. why be so afraid to stand up for yourself your friends and your family? I see why the cowardice "good name" people are afraid of the rubble rousers but what about everyone else? whats your excuse? And when did it become ok to NOT encourage kids to chase their dreams? Oh no one from Edon could make it in Division A sports? really? really?? You deserve to be fired for that... you are a teacher you should be telling kids they can become whatever they want if they put their minds to it. I would have said "good luck kid, you will have to work very hard and be dedicated but I know if you put your mind to it you can do it! have faith in yourself and I will do what I can to help you reach your goals" thats what this teacher should have said.... Crappy people.....To the people who are brave enough to speak your mind and defend your family- I AM SOO PROUD OF YOU and I will stand behind you for anything and for always.! I'm right there with you....

Monday, February 13, 2012

mixed feelings

Having a lot of unexpected mixed feelings this morning that I need to talk/type out...
So as everyone knows by now I was in medical school but that obviously didn't work out so here I am in graduate school.. don't get me wrong I love it here and I am super happy at where I have landed and what I have become but old feelings creep back occasionally

Today was the "Match" for my medical school friends. For those of you who don't know what the "match" is Ill explain... So during your third and fourth year of medical school you start to decide what type of medicine you want to practice and you begin to think of where you would want to be doing it. So then you apply for Residency programs in these areas either by subject or my geography. Anyways you go and interview and meet the people at these respective hospitals. When all is said and done you go to a program and enter your choices by rating them as your top pick, second pick, etc... The hospitals do this as well... They look at the lists of students who interviewed with them and then they list the students as top choice, second pick, etc... then the idea is that the "match" tries to match you up best that they can hopefully getting first picks with first picks and so forth down the line until everyone has somewhere to go...
So anyway my friends found out today where they will be going and what they will be doing for the rest of their lives... which I am super happy for them and can't help feel a little sad that I'm not doing this with them... I really do think that if I could have gotten past the parts of school that brought me down that I really could have been an amazing doctor and I feel a little sad that I put 3 years into a program that I never followed through with...
ON THE OTHER HAND... I don't think I'd want to be doing that even now... I am happy here.. I like teaching.. I like my classes... I have friends and an AMAZING boyfriend who I never would have met otherwise... I am very blessed and grateful to be where I am its just those old feelings linger in from time to time....
I can't decide if it is because it was something I didn't finish or if there is something else there but I know this feeling will pass so Im not too worried about it... Im going to smile and congratulate all my friends on their life choices...
Its just kind of an odd day.....

Other than that Im having a splendid day.... Woke up to an amazing smile on the face of an amazing Man... which reminds me... it really is the small things in life that make it wonderful... I was busy getting dressed for school so he went ahead and got out my cereal bowl and spoon and everything for me this morning... I'm sure it seems like a small gesture but it made my day... It took all of five second for him to do it but he thought to do it which was just amazing to me... He treats me so well I dont know how I got so lucky.... ( Hey Baby, Hope I don't embarrass you on here too much.. feel free to yell at me if I do ;) I just can't help bragging about you and your amazingness I love you)
And then teaching went well and now I am prepping for that big presentation tomorrow... so everyone wish me luck and send me some prayers that my classmates are easy graders tomorrow haha

Love you all... xoxoxo

Side Note: Doctor's appointment for my sis was today and he confirmed that she is indeed pregnant!! yayee!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Great weekend

My Sister is Pregnant!!! Hooray I am going to be an aunt again.... (Although I think I've lost track at this point of exactly how many nieces and nephews I have now haha just kidding) I am super excited for my darling sis Jenni. This will be her second child and I know this one will be as spoiled as her first ;)

Happy Early Valentines Day to everyone in the cyber world today...
Ya ya I don't want to hear your disgruntled moanings on and on about Valentines and the commercialized holiday that it is blah blah blah
I say each day is what you make of it and I have spent many Valentines Days alone and have never rained on other peoples parades about the day. Yayee for you if you are in love and if you aren't then buy your best friend a card or give your mom a call... No one said its only for lovers...

Here is the link for the History Channels outlook on it
Or if you prefer a fluffy sounding history

Either way.... Im excited for the holiday even though I still have no idea what to get a boy for V-day haha
Hopefully my heart will just be good enough... It may be all I have to offer

I had a great weekend... Friday night I needed to study but I got a lot accomplished so it wasn't too bad.
I have a big presentation on Tuesday for my advanced Molecular biology course so Ive been workin on that a lot this weekend...
Yesterday I headed to Phil's I hate going more than a couple days without seeing him. His mom loves Valentines Day so she was having a nice formal dinner with the family, and I was invited!! How cool is that? Anyway his mom and sister made a phenomenal meal that was super delicious and very festive... Of course I had to bring him home with me today... I sleep better when he is around...

Today was day 4 of the 14 day workout... so far its going well and Im going strong and although I am super sore most of the time its going well and Im interested to see if the results are something to marveled at

Alright this is a short post I just wanted to send out an update to everyone...
Hope you all had a great weekend and I hope you have a great week to come!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Im super nerd today

A) I saw that homework was posted online for one of my classes so I went ahead and finished it and submitted it via email to my professor. The professor sends me an email back "Wow You're a nerd, you finished homework I haven't even assigned yet"
yep... it happened I have the email to prove it

B) While noticing my super organized lab binder and lab mate says to me "Wow you're a nerd, how long does it take you to get organized"

C) After promising to another professor that I would sent them my updated powerpoint by Saturday night, he responds "you're going to email me on a saturday night? What kind of nerd are you?"

Guess this makes me a super nerd today...

Fun stuff for you
Go to google and type the followings into the browser

goglogo--- then click Im feeling lucky

google loco--- then click Im feeling lucky

google gothic--- then click im feeling lucky

ewmew fudd-- then click im feeling lucky

google pig latin-- then click im feeling lucky

chuck norris-- then click Im feeling lucky

do a barrel roll---

let it snow---

google gravity



google pink  --  *For all of these hit the Im feeling lucky button

Epic google

weenie google



google easter egg

google suggest

early google


google moms

google blog search

google heart page

google mentalplex

google holiday

google circa

google bsd

Go to Google Reader, then use your cursor keys thus: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A. A ninja then pops onto your screen and into your search box.

Set your iGoogle homepage to the beach theme. Wait until 3:14am (or if you can't, just move your clock forward). What monster this way comes? Could we be on the shores of Loch Ness?


Ok thats it for now... enjoy

good quote

“He’s not perfect. You aren’t either, and the two of you will never be perfect. But if he can make you laugh at least once, causes you to think twice, and if he admits to being human and making mistakes, hold onto him and give him the most you can. He isn’t going to quote poetry, he’s not thinking about you every moment, but he will give you a part of him that he knows you could break. Don’t hurt him, don’t change him, and don’t expect for more than he can give. Don’t analyze. Smile when he makes you happy, yell when he makes you mad, and miss him when he’s not there. Love hard when there is love to be had. Because perfect guys don’t exist, but there’s always one guy that is perfect for you.”
― Bob Marley .... so very true!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Warning: Rant coming on


Super annoyed at the gym today....
So one of the great things about my apartment complex is that there is a 24 hr fitness center that you have to have a key to get into which keeps out the random people. Its never crowded and I can do what I need to do. Tonight I go in to get on the treadmill and start my new 14 day workout

in case you were curious what workout I was talking about... So anyway I am just all content running away when this little blond chick walks in goes to the other door and opens it for her friend who had been standing outside freezing and waiting for her... The two then proceed to joke and giggle at an extremely obnoxious level. There are two tvs in the workout room, one on each end, out of respect for the boys lifting weights on the other end of the room and watching ESPN I turned on my tv to only a 15 where only I could barely hear it and turned on the captions so I could read whatever I couldn't hear. I didnt want to be rude especially since they were there first. So anyway these girls decide to get on the treadmills on the other side of the room... Blond number 1 couldnt figure out how to make the treadmill speed up and was trying to manually make it go faster until Blond number 2 figured out that you could push the "increase speed" button and make it go up. They then proceeded to laugh about this at a high decibel for five minutes.... Then blond 2 grabs the remote from where the boys had layed it down and turns the channel to E! to watch some fashion show and then turns up the volume to 70 so they could hear it while still talking.. The boys got frustrated and decided to leave... they stopped by to wish me luck since I still had 10 minutes of my workout left... After the boys left they decided to jump off the treadmills and run over to my side of the room to grab their phones and they BOTH proceeded to call 2 other people and tell them about their crazy workout and the cute boys that were working out and obviously checking them out.... They were still on the phone pretending to workout when I left.....
A) No respect
B) beyond intellectual help
C) Narcissistic
D) the list goes on and on

I knew Oxford was bad for slutty or skanky girls with eating disorders but I didn't realize that it had moved into my apartment complex... How did these people grow up to believe that they were the center of the universe?? Why do they think everyone should just succumb to their wishes?

OK im done ranting now... I promise... I dont do it very often but some people are just too much to take and I just had to keep reminding myself "patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue"

So my message to you for the night is "patience is a virtue" Keep your cool, this too shall pass hahahah
So Im sitting in my lab right now waiting for one last reaction to finish up before I head home for the day...
Its so funny how crazy motivated I get some days when other days I have no desire to work... Class was over by 11am today and I headed straight to the lab. I got a real time PCR reaction started that takes 2 hours to run, while it was running a set up a regular PCR reaction on a different machine in a different room and got that reaction started about 1/2 hour later and it takes about 2 hours to run then I set up gels for the reactions. About half an hour before reaction 1 was done I set up real time reaction number 2 and got done just as reaction 1 was finishing so I took the old out started a new then ran a gel on the first one. Right as the first gel got done running PCR rxn finished up so I set up that gel then went and took a picture of the first gel. Then while the second gel was running a set up the third gel. When the second was done I took a picture of that and then started analyzing the data from the first PCR and real time PCR reactions. By the time I was done with that the second real time PCR was done so I came and ran that third gel which is what I am waiting on now. It will be done by 5pm then I can grab a picture of it and head home.... normally I'd take three days to do all this but I had the time and the motivation to do it so I figured why not? I have a lot to do this weekend so I didn't want to come in to work.
I am also super excited because my first ecology exam came back and It went super well.... It feels nice to be an A student again after getting out of medical school.... That test grade was enough to put me in a good mood anyway!!!
Will be heading home here in another 15 minutes then hoping to go for a run then grab some dinner and then finish preparing for my Advanced Molecular presentation next Tuesday.... I figure while I have this crazy motivation why not put it to some good use.... Hopefully I can keep it up!!!

Side note: started that crazy thigh workout a few days ago and I think I am actually noticing a difference!! hooray.....

Might have some exciting news from my sister come tomorrow... we will see.... Details to come later!!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


So proud of myself today... school was productive, research is going well and I stayed awake during Seminar... all great feats I feel.... Got home tonight and I was exhausted... My thighs hurt from my workout last night and I had no desire to go for a run but I decided to just do it... I got dressed walked over to the fitness center and went on the treadmill for 45 minutes... now i feel great and wide awake and happy and ready to get some work done... Funny how that works....
Im in a quote/motivation mood so here goes...

Either you run the day or the day runs you.
Jim Rohn

 I don't believe you have to be better than everybody else. I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be.
Ken Venturi

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.
Judy Garland

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ok now im in a random trivia mood so here goes

Beethoven, was told by a music teacher that he had no talent for music. In fact, this teacher once remarked, “As a composer he is hopeless.”
 The chances of you dying on the way to get your lottery tickets is greater than your chances of winning.
 Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people.
 If you toss a penny 10,000 times, it will not be heads 5,000 times, but more like 4,950. The heads picture weighs more, so it ends up on the bottom.
  Men who kiss their wives in the morning live five years longer than those who don't.
 Bullet proof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers, and laser printers were all invented by women.
 X' became symbolic for a kiss because in the middle ages when alot of people were illiterate and they used to sign documents with an X and then kiss it for sincerity.
Hope you all have a great night :) 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend, Prayers, Shout-out, and Superbowl

So how adorable are we?!?

Alright so I'm going to start this post with an update on my life for my sisters and friends reading this post..

I had an amazing weekend with the love of my life... So I had an exam Friday afternoon so Phil and I decided to go away for the weekend since I wouldn't have homework to do and he wouldn't have too much to do that weekend with school either. So after my test and after he got off of work on Friday we met up at his house and headed to Lake Cumberland in Kentucky. His family has a neat place there on the water so we decided to get away from it all! We took our time getting there and stopped for dinner but by around 10pm we finally got there safe and sound. It was a great trip just talking and holding hands and he let me listen to my IPOD and we listened to ridiculous music for most of the way which just made me smile... I thought I'd be exhausted but for some reason when I'm in his presence I want to be wide awake. So after we went down to the water for a bit we decided to build a fire and relax outside for awhile. It is crazy that we had such amazing weather for the first weekend in February. Which reminds me: happy Leap Year month hahah
So Saturday we headed to Cumberland Falls to do some hiking and site seeing. The falls were amazing and it was cool how close we could get to them.
Yea I was rocking the toledo attire

Here is a cool picture of the falls. So yea we had it in our heads that we would do some hiking and there are some great trails there so we headed out... At first we were just exploring on the beach but that soon led to climbing over rocks and before we knew it we were heading up the mountain....  I've decided that I am not so secretly dating Spiderman. There were these two rocks with a small cavern in between them so he decided to just climb up between them using his strength and amazingness.... *yes that's a word, I just decided* just check this out

And then he ended up wayyyyyyyyy up there...... Can you see him.... Look closely........
And so I took the long way up and eventually we were headed up the mountain again.... Did you find him in that last photo?? Try to find me now....
Yea that's me on top of that rock... not nearly as impressive as his spiderman feats but I was super excited!!!  I've never really done that before so I was excited.... It makes me really want to go caving with him... Oh yea he goes caving... How cool is that? And get this... he actually wants to take me not just leave me at home to cook and clean hahah I am really excited about trying it though... After this expedition I need to get some legit hiking boots because I think I just found my new hobby. It is so nice to be with someone who enjoys the outdoors so much... I think it would drive me nuts if he was an inside all the time kind of guy... He just keeps getting more and more perfect.... SIDE NOTE: If anyone has ideas for good valentines day presents for boys let me know... I have one AMAZING idea and 1 super cute idea  that I am doing but I am just curious what other people do too....
ANYWAY I thought my sister Jenni would enjoy this photo... I already told mom about it.. Mom and I say "the hills have eyes" kind of a place and this is it...
Anyone who watches scary movies knows what I mean by that "the hills have eyes" kind of a place... it was fun to explore though even though it was super dark and creepy inside we got the jist of the place hahah
So after we were both a muddy mess we decided to head back to the car and went home to get cleaned up. Then he took me out to a nice dinner (perfect guy right?) It was nice getting to be all tom boy in the morning and cleaned up chic girl in the evening... I love days like that. After dinner we went to go see a movie "Man on a ledge" and I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it... It was awesome... just ask anyone who sat anywhere near Phil during the movie... I love going to movies with him he gets so excited when he figures out what is going on... I think he forgets we aren't alone but I love that about him... You guys should have seen this theater though... it only sat like 50 people and had 5 rows of seats haha it was definitely a small town kind of movie theater (Yes there are theaters smaller than Bryan Ohio- can you believe it?)
Sunday morning we slept in to say the least before we decided to head home....
This is us being sad that the weekend was over and we were heading back to Ohio.... Don't we have awesome pouty faces?? Who could tell a face like that "no"? I think he and I need to decide to never use our powers for evil only good... hahaha These are pretty powerful pouts and you know they say "with great power comes great responsibility"
Side note #2: Finally had HotHead burritos --- they seem a lot like Chipotle... It didn't seem to be too much different with the exception of sauces... who knows...

So I had one of those moments when something finally sinks in... Maybe you have experienced this... You know how you hear something multiple times and you think you believe it but then out of nowhere something happens and "poof" you actually believe it.... He made a comment and it involved him thinking I was beautiful... And I've had men tell me that before but it never really sank in I guess.. but something was different about this... I believed him and I knew he meant it.... He really does think that and it feels good to finally believe someone....

It's always been hard for me to believe in myself and believe in other people... If you are an ex of mine... please stop reading... I beg of you.... skip down to the next paragraph... anyway... I have had some good relationships and some very bad ones... I am kind of a serial monogamous I think. A few serious boyfriends often over 2-3 years but never ending well (especially one in particular which I'm not ready to discuss yet) but then out of the blue "God Bless the Broken Road" that led me straight to him.... I believe in him, I am proud of him, I love him, he amazes me on a daily basis. I love everything about him and I continue to fall for him every day. Even the little stuff is amazing... I am attempting to get ready and decide I need to come collapse on him for just a minute and he just opens his arm to let me into my nook in his shoulder and continues doing what he was doing after giving the top of my head a peck. then after just a minute I get up to go back to getting ready... even little stuff like that amazes me... he lets me be me which is new to me too..... Even after talking to Twin on the phone tonight.. She knows something changed inside me and I act differently now... happier...


So on to self realization
So I almost got smooshed *also a word I just decided is a real word* by an 18 wheeler tanker yesterday... I was entering an intersection where three cars had already passed safely, this big truck runs the red light and almost gets me in the drivers side. I sped up at the last second and made it safely through the intersection.... I wonder if it was as close as I feel like it was.... I don't know but I am just glad it was all ok. It must have just been another example of God looking out for me while reminding me that he was there. Maybe he made sure I didn't enter the intersection 3 seconds later or maybe he kept the semi 2 seconds slower into the intersection.... either way fate or God or whatever you choose to believe it was ok... I personally choose to believe that it was him looking out for one of his daughters while reminding me to be thankful for the days he has given me... Which was a great reminder after the wonderful weekend I had just had... I saw a saying that read
"What if all you had tomorrow was what you thanked God for yesterday?"

Hmm Good point huh...  How often do we pray, not to ask for anything but to offer thanks for what we have been given. I know that for the rest of the drive home I was slightly shaken and instantly wanted to Thank God for looking out for me even when I faulter and even though I am often selfish and only talk to him when I need something... Which I know he is happy to help those who help themselves but I wanted to thank him for the great weekend and for everything he had given me since I had last thanked him... I need to start talking to him more and thank him for the wonderful life he has given me... I think we all do

Shout out to two of my friends this week: Megan and Kylie
Megan: You are an amazing and strong woman with the faith of saint and I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished and been through. You are so intelligent and I have no doubt in my mind that you will touch the lives of so many people and you will help so many people...  You are an inspiration and I am glad we are friends....
Kylie: I know it was a song but you said it was how you felt and I think you too are an amazing woman. You face each trial and tribulation with strength and faith and love. Your devotion to your family and friends amazes me and I am glad to be part of it. You too are a strong and phenomenal woman and I know you will find that one way to "touch someones life" and change it and I know you will "make that significant impact" on someone someday!!



Yes Yes I know I am a die hard Steelers Fan and shouldn't be cheering for anyone else... but lets me honest here.... there were two crowds for this superbowl... Patriot fans and Every other fan in the world wanting to see Brady lose (Ocho cinco not getting a ring was a little funny too--- we'll attribute that to being a steelers fan) Personally I think the M&M commercial was my favorite but of course Betty White is amazing and never fails to crack me up... and I liked the doritos commercials but I was slightly disappointed with most of the other commercials though.... nothing amazing and nothing really stood out to me.... I think its funny that ESPN and CNN was analyzing commercials today while I was on the treadmill going for a run... Political this Controversial that.... blah blah blah... *M&M dancing to "Im sexy and I know it..." heheheheheeh
hahahah Loved it.......

Ok I guess that will do it for the novel tonight... I had a few other things I was going to write about but I guess I will save it for tomorrow... I think this is getting a little too long... I dont want to lose anyone with my excessive posts hahaha so until we meet again...
Happy reading... I hope your days are filled with Joy and Love and I hope you realize just how beautiful and amazing you are..... I am lucky to know you....

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

teacher evaluations

Got my teaching evaluations back yesterday... I am very happy with the results. I got a 4 or 5 in every category from every student (on a scale of 1-5) and I am super excited about!!! Some of the comments were very good too... I got marriage proposals to hahaha... anyway one kid said I changed the way they look at microbiology in a positive manner, another said i was super helpful and easy to learn from, another one said that they could tell I was intelligent on the subject and they could tell I enjoyed what I did.... Even the boss said it was good comments and was excited about it
Maybe I have found my calling in life... who knows.....

So Phil is incredible...I didn't have any drawers big enough for a silverware holder so he decided to build me one in one of my drawers... He is sooo handy and I am soooo impressed with him!
Might be going out of town this weekend... Here's hoping!! I love weekend getaways!!!

Sorry guys but this is gonna be a short post I need to study for my first Ecology exam on Friday but I will update Sunday night!!!
love you all!!
(Flowers from Phil, one day I was having a bad day and he showed up with these... I just felt like showing them off)