Monday, February 27, 2012

Balance in my life

So it seems like lately even when something bad happens something good happens to just keep things evened out... which is good... And maybe things are even that great sometimes but you gotta look at the positive right?

So lets begin with this weekend when I woke up one day with a sore throat and i wasn't sure if it was an allergy or if it was a legit sickness because i didn't really have any other symptoms just the sore throat.... So i wasn't sure if the boy should come over or not but I knew he wanted to so I allowed it as long as he didn't kiss me and so he came over and let me tell you how much fun I had... We had the coolest date ever... After studying all day I wanted to bake something so it was decided that the two of us would make funfetti cupcakes which are his favorite.... somehow or another within minutes we were in a full fledge food fight and batter ended up all over both of us and the kitchen cabinets and the fridge and even on the living room floor and walls which was awesome hahaha.. cleaning up wasn't that awful either but even if it had been it would have been totally worth it.

so then today... school wasn't bad and I got a lot of homework done but then I got some bad news and a months worth of work went down the drain and I essentially have to start over..... On the bright side I hadn't started my triplicate experiment yet so that wont have to be re-done. also maybe the results will be more accurate and precise this time around.... Also my epic awesome boyfriend--- So i tell him about my day and what does he do? he jumps in the car and comes to my rescue. He even went for a run with me while i burned off my frustration... then in his awesomeness he brings me a shamrock shake which i have been craving since last st. patricks day.....
epic awesome bf? I think so....

On a sad note: my thoughts and prayers go out to all people and the families of the victims from the ohio shooting today. Its an awful thing that it happened and my thoughts go out to them all. hopefully one day the world will be more conducive to learning and love rather than hatred and violence....

"I pray for peace today in the hope that I won't have to tomorrow"

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