Sunday, March 25, 2012

Diet end and Antarctica

So the diet came to its week's end and although it said lose about 10 lbs I lost 5 which I guess is still good because I have been losing about 2 a week on average (thats what the experts say is a good amount to lose per week to not gain it back because evidently more than 5 a week and your body rebounds and you put it back on more easily) so anyway I guess that's ok but definitely not worth the weird food i had to eat but I came to a few conclusions and revelations
Rather than eating a carb loaded breakfast cereal Im going to start eating yogurt and fruit for breakfast. I am going to quit buying breads so they aren't in the house at all.. Still no fast food but I never crave that anyway with the exception of an occasional ice cream. My lunch will remain the same as it has been: all fruits and veggies. and then for dinner Im going to quit having a lot of potatoes and pasta in the house. Ill keep some because every once in awhile I do really crave pasta but I figure if there is less then I wont have it as often. Also I am going to quit buying anything boxed and am going to continue actually cooking... pinterest has a lot of good recipes Ive been wanting to try anyway so I don't see a problem with this... I think cutting out the big carbs will help me continue to lose weight as long as I keep going with my running regimen.

so I got my first email from the Antarctica field season set up people which is super exciting. they needed all my passport info and stuff like that.... it feels good to actually be preparing for this trip rather than just talking about it... October 20th to Dec 21st... cutting it a little close for Christmas but as long as I get home Ill be happy!! Note to self: Buy presents early.... or give mom money and have her do it hahah

Working all weekend while Phil is caving... its super peaceful knowing Im the only one in the lab and occasionally the only one in the building... Ive been getting a lot done especially work on my seminar... yayee for productivity......

So funny story last night I worked until almost 7 and went home and wanted to work out so I went to the work out center in my complex and got on the treadmill... A movie I have been wanting to see had just come on and I got so interested in watching it I jogged and walked through the whole thing... my treadmill even shut off on me once because it doesnt go for over 100 minutes how funny is that? maybe i should watch movies on the treadmill more often lol

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