Friday, March 23, 2012

things that make me happy

My family
My friends
My boyfriend
the other side of the pillow
that moment when the lights dim and everything is quiet right before a big show
finishing a good book
the last day of a semester
the first kiss
seeing the number on the scale being lower than the last time i checked
being outside
cake batter icecream
the first snow of the year
puppies and kittens
dressing up for fun
hitting every green light while driving through town
seeing my nieces and nephews
naptime on a sunday with my hunny
getting a letter in the mail
receiving a care package
helping others
making others smile
pirate jokes
road trips
freshly washed sheets
calla lillies
trying on something that fits perfect the first time
when experiments work
when a bible verse or sermon feels like its directed at me
good movies
singing loudly in the car
when the steelers or tigers win
clearance sales
 the color blue

and a million other things that I could name but would take too long to write hahah


  1. I'm guessing a napping baby, delivered through the mail around Christmas time, dressed up as a blue kitten, would make you explode...right?

  2. How do you get a baby to nap while traveling through the mail.... Wait... nevermind don't answer that ;)