Saturday, March 3, 2012

Up to no good ;)

Alright update time:
So its a Saturday at 3:16pm and I am sitting in my lab working or pretending to work anyway ;)
this weekend it recruitment weekend for the microbiology department here at Miami so we are supposed to be here to meet the candidates... I decided to get some work done while Im here so since 8 am I have gotten 3 real time PCRs done, 2 RT PCRs done, and did 1 RNA extraction and DNase treatment off an Antarctica filter... this is gonna be a super productive week I feel... Now if only I could be this productive with school work

So I was supposed to have this big ecology exam on friday but classes got cancelled due to the storms and so I didn't take the test. Now since this coming week is spring break I am not taking it until the Friday after next which means completely re-studying for it.... insert super sad face here..... I didn't go out for Green Beer day because of the test and I didn't get any work done thursday or friday because of it... so im just gonna chalk last week up to a research fail so now it is catch up time.
I also have an 8-12page exam to finish, a grant proposal to write, and a seminar to put together this week. I also need to start planning for my committee meeting the end of this month.... EPIC SAD FACE... Oh well Ill figure it out.... I always do hahaha

My sweetie left today- I went over to his place last night during the storm to wait it out with his family. I get along so well with his family I just love it. His mom even bought a couple boxes of Capri-Suns for me for when I come over- Yes I am a huge kid don't judge me :) I love them hahaha Anyway so I got up super early with him this morning to see him off. He is headed to Vegas until Tuesday.. Lucky boy huh? Im moderately jealous but I think Im too excited to be going home next weekend that I can deal with it hahah I know he will have a great time and even though I miss him tons its all good! Ill get to see him soon :)

People have been cracking me up this week... Some people are paranoid beyond disbelief... some people are self centered... some people refuse to be outgoing... some people are bitchy... life is just hysterical sometimes....

Ok I best get back to work now... Hope everyone had a great week and are having an even more amazing weekend!!!
lots of love

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