Monday, March 19, 2012

on day 3

So we are now in the Day 3 of  "the cleanse" hahah
Day one Fruit only was super easy especially since I worked all day.. I love eating melons and berries so that was extremely easy for me.
Day two only veggies... not quite so simple... I got up and went for a run Sunday morning and then went for an hour long walk with my sweetie Phil so that was fine came home and ate some yummy cooked veggies but I was hungry all day it sure doesn't fill you up well... I ended up eating 3 different sets of veggies throughout the day and decided to just go to bed so I couldnt be hungry anymore hahaha
Day 3: today- not bad its fruits and veggies which is fine so i packed spinach salad for lunch no dressing,  and a bunch of melons which should be fine... today wont be hard
tomorrow is this crazy veggie soup thing and bananas oddly enough but at least its something new hahah

Had a great weekend with my hunny... I love him so much and its crazy how much i love spending time with him even if we are just studying or napping haha he is awesome and I am a very very very lucky girl!!!

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  1. You're doing so much better than I would!! Good luck with the rest of the week!! :) Love you, hun!

    PS: I'm going to attempt an update in the next couple of weeks so you have some hint of my life happenings. SOOOOO sorry I didn't call Saturday. Maybe our next phone date, you should be the one to call me. :( SORRY!! I love you!!!