Sunday, August 26, 2012

The List Day 3

Describe your relationship with your parents

I think I have a great relationship with my parents... They are pretty darn amazing so that shouldn't surprise anyone too much.... They are incredible and have always been in my corner to back me up and support my decisions... Occasionally I would hide things from my mom just so she wouldn't worry but Dad always knew what was going on just in case.... Mom usually always finds out about things after the fact though because I never wanted to make it a habit to lie to her I just figured if I was doing something or going somewhere where she might worry the entire time, I would just wait til I got home to tell her what I did.... I know it sounds bad but I think most of us kids do it hahah... Its not really like much anymore though because I think we have a mutual understanding of things and I know I get mad when she doesn't tell me stuff because she doesn't want me to worry either hahahah so we have both gotten better at not hiding stuff.... I think Ill always be their little girl though and I am perfectly okay with that... I have the best parents in the whole world and they deserve the best.... I love them tons

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