Monday, August 13, 2012


So much to say…..

First off Antarctica deployment dates are now October 29- Dec 17th which gives me an entire 12 extra days here at home but Im completely okay with that haha. I can’t believe how close it is getting!!!
Phil and I found a house that we like but we are still looking just in case… We are taking his uncle/boss and his dad to go see it tonight… It is a neat little place and Phil has ideas coming out of his ears as to what he wants to do with the place… We both have ideas actually but one step at a time. We are still looking at other houses but I can tell he is seriously considering this one in Hamilton… Its not a very far drive to work for either of us (almost exactly the same distance for both of us) and its definitely big enough for us. So who knows… maybe by this time next month or so we may have a place…..
Had a great weekend… Friday night Phil and I didn’t plan a whole lot but we had date night which was nice. I made dinner and we went and found a movie to rent and we just kinda chilled which was much needed I think. Saturday he had a family  reunion to go to so that took up most of our day but it was fun getting to visit with the family and meet a few more of them!  Sunday was play date day hahah After church we headed out to Hueston woods to try out the Frisbee Golf course there and go figure it is completely in the woods… Us trying to maneuver Frisbees around trees was pretty hysterical if I do say so myself. We surprisingly didn’t do too badly though…
Yayee for closing ceremonies and getting to see a Spice Girls reunion hahaha… Gotta love silly stuff like that. Im such a nerd…. 
Crazy night last night though… Cops knocked on the door after midnight because the people upstairs had an argument and the cops got called. I don’t think they knew which apartment but when I answered the door obviously unharmed and obviously just awakened (awesome hair and all) they looked a little surprised and I think they got the hint it wasn’t us hahaha
Something else to look forward to when we move… no more neighbors on the other side of our walls…. hahahah

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