Wednesday, August 22, 2012

sad face

So we didnt get the house we were originally looking at. A little while back we found this cute little place in West hamilton and Phil ended up putting a bid in on it but come to find out there were multiple bids on it and we didnt get it... so back to the drawing board and back to house hunting...
We are bouncing back well though because last night we found 7 more with potential that we are hoping to look at soon. I guess the last one just wasn't meant to be but we will find the perfect one for us soon im sure!

So school started back up and the traffic and campus is awful... I really dont remember it being this bad last year... there are kids everywhere and they walk out in front of moving traffic like they have 9 lives to bounce back on.... its crazy.... parking is a mess too... I miss summer already... Its weird not teaching and not having classes though... I just go to work 9-5 everyday and its a little odd when I know everyone else in my year are still in class... I find it an odd sensation but Im not complaining... hopefully I can get my manuscript written soon with the extra free time.....

Antarctica is quickly approaching... where does the time go? where did the summer go?? I still have stuff I need to buy.... hopefully that gets done soon hahah

ok its a short update but i have to get back to work....
hopefully ill be better at updating now that it isnt summer hahah we'll see I guess

God bless!!

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