Thursday, August 30, 2012

My list for 50 shades

So there has been all kinds of speculation about who should play the cast if 50 shades of grey really does become a movie...

Here are my choices for who I think would be amazing...

Christian Grey: Matt Bomer

Then There is Anastasia ....: Leighton Meester or Alexis Bledel

Katherine Kavenaugh: Blake Lively


 Elliot Grey : Channing Tatum


 Mia Grey: Lucy Hale

Jose: Jesse Metcalf


Ray (Ana's Dad): Billy Burke

Liela: Jena Malone

Image of Jena Malone

 Elena, aka Mrs. Robinson: Jenna Elfman

Image of Jenna Elfman

 Dr. Grace Trevelyan-Grey: Diane Lane

Image of Diane Lane

Taylor: The bodyguard: Jason Statham


 And thats my cast: take it or leave it hahaha

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