Tuesday, August 14, 2012

house update

Went to look at the house again last night… I think Phil likes it more every time he sees it haha
Im starting to see stuff too which makes me feel good
Last night we took his boss and his dad with us and the realtor and the guys seemed to really like it and didn’t have any real issues with it. Phil and his boss climbed up into the attic to look around and they took a look at absolutely every single thing you could look at haha. I found a few gems too.. so in the master bedroom there were two light switches very low on the wall and Phil realized that there were two small lights above them on the ceiling and it makes perfect sense that the bed goes in between the two switches and then there are reading lights for in bed… genius… I never would have thought to install something like that hahaha. The kitchen has a ton of cupboards and drawers which is especially awesome for me because my current kitchen is ridiculously small and I am excited to have enough room that I don’t have to cram my cupboards and storage room full.
I can already picture where things would go like the couch and kitchen table and stuff like that too which makes it feel more home like already… I mean I don’t want to get my hopes up yet because we haven’t even gotten to the point of putting a bid on it but still… I like this better than if he was liking something and bidding on something that I couldn’t picture at all or despised….
I can even picture the yard and where a little garden could go and stuff like that which means it isn’t just a material inside only kind of thing… The bathroom was recently remodeled too which is great because that will save us a ton of money… Oh and did I mention the wall to wall bookcases in the study? Guess who loves that!! Hahaha

Ok I know it’s a short update but back to work I must go….
God Bless

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