Monday, August 6, 2012


So my to be continued continues…..
Had an interesting thought last night… Phil and I were watching a part of a movie that involved the military and I asked him if he had ever considered enlisting… One of my great friends and past roomie is now a member of the military and is overseas currently. I am so proud of her and what she does but yet part of me wonders if I could ever handle something like that… Boot camp and being yelled at and forced to do pushups… etc…. I just don’t know if I have it in me to handle something like that…. Although I have to admit I consider enlisting every time I think about how much debt I am in from school…. I keep thinking about how they can help me pay for school and I was told by a recruiter that they would pay off my debt because it was acquired over three years of medical school in return for enlisting for 3-4 years depending on just how bad it was…. Its kind of a tempting offer but then again I wouldn’t start until after graduate school which already puts me at 30yrs old and then throw 4 years of military on top of that and we are talking 34yrs old and I would like to have already started a family by that point not just starting to settle down and make a life for myself…..  But yet again money is a scary thing and you have to have it to survive and I would like to have some to support this family that I want one day and getting rid of all that debt is still super tempting…. Can you tell I’ve put some thought into this?.....
Anyway The boss is back in town and you better believe she has assigned homework for us hahah Guess its back to the old grind and 9-5 days hahah Oh well it could be worse… at least I like my job and what Im doing which is always helpful…..
I can’t believe its already August…. It seems like 2012 is flying by and especially the summer portion of it…. I’m just not ready for winter yet…..
Edon Daze were this past weekend… kinda sad to have missed it… I used to love all the random town events like breakfast at the firehall… truck pulls… ice cream social by the band… basketball tourneys and kids games and sidewalk sales… you see everyone and their brother there and it was nice to be reminded just how small of  a town you come from occasionally… The fair will be in September and if Phil and I don’t find one to go to around here you better believe Im coming home for the Williams County Fair hahaha I love silly fun stuff like that….
Ok that’s enough for right now I need to get back to work….. just needed a minute in my own head but now its back to science I go…..

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