Thursday, February 9, 2012

So Im sitting in my lab right now waiting for one last reaction to finish up before I head home for the day...
Its so funny how crazy motivated I get some days when other days I have no desire to work... Class was over by 11am today and I headed straight to the lab. I got a real time PCR reaction started that takes 2 hours to run, while it was running a set up a regular PCR reaction on a different machine in a different room and got that reaction started about 1/2 hour later and it takes about 2 hours to run then I set up gels for the reactions. About half an hour before reaction 1 was done I set up real time reaction number 2 and got done just as reaction 1 was finishing so I took the old out started a new then ran a gel on the first one. Right as the first gel got done running PCR rxn finished up so I set up that gel then went and took a picture of the first gel. Then while the second gel was running a set up the third gel. When the second was done I took a picture of that and then started analyzing the data from the first PCR and real time PCR reactions. By the time I was done with that the second real time PCR was done so I came and ran that third gel which is what I am waiting on now. It will be done by 5pm then I can grab a picture of it and head home.... normally I'd take three days to do all this but I had the time and the motivation to do it so I figured why not? I have a lot to do this weekend so I didn't want to come in to work.
I am also super excited because my first ecology exam came back and It went super well.... It feels nice to be an A student again after getting out of medical school.... That test grade was enough to put me in a good mood anyway!!!
Will be heading home here in another 15 minutes then hoping to go for a run then grab some dinner and then finish preparing for my Advanced Molecular presentation next Tuesday.... I figure while I have this crazy motivation why not put it to some good use.... Hopefully I can keep it up!!!

Side note: started that crazy thigh workout a few days ago and I think I am actually noticing a difference!! hooray.....

Might have some exciting news from my sister come tomorrow... we will see.... Details to come later!!


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