Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Self revelations


I am slightly addicted to facebook, I sing in the car, I take things more personally than i should, Im trying to be a stronger person and a better christian on a daily basis. I am a hopeless romantic and believe my prince will come. i love sunshine and being outdoors and procrastinate like its my job. I hate studying but love to learn. i dont like feeling like im out of the loop and i hate it when people look at me like they just dont get me. I love random useless trivia. I will give my last dollar to a stranger on the street if needed because I believe in the best in people and someday I will change someone's life
I think Im pretty outgoing and Im not afraid to strike up a conversation


I honestly think things happen for a reason. I think I am where I am because I was meant to be here. I often feel like an idiot/goofball. I quit caring what people think of me because I believe it's more important to like what I think of myself. I am still trying to be a better Christian although I falter often. I am much less addicted to facebook that I was. I still sing in the car. I am still a hopeless romantic but I have found my prince and I think I might just have gotten lucky and found 'the one'. I still hate studying but I love to learn to new things. I still love random useless trivia and I often share that with people. I would still give my last dollar to a stranger on the street. I want very badly to change someone's life. I wish I could be in more places that one at once. I am very organized when it comes to school and work but not so much when it comes to my house. I sleep with a stuffed animal. I miss my family on a daily basis. I want to travel the world and thats what I dream about at night. I don't like how I've treated some of my friends in the past and I am still trying to make it right but still am not sure how. I won't settle for anything. I watch Nickelodeon still and ABC family. I still love scary movies but one hasn't scared me in a very long time. I'm weird about my teeth. I'm petrified of deep water. I want to go in a hot air balloon. I recently found a love of hiking. I wear too much black but Im not goth I just think its sliming haha. I wish I could wear hats more often. I want to be a mom one day. I want to be a good girlfriend. I want to learn to cook new things because I love to cook now. I smile at tv shows and movies even when I am alone. I talk to myself occasionally.I love to dress up. I miss playing softball. I miss my friends from back home especially those I grew up with. I like small town life. I bite my nails so I paint them so I wont. I like to hold hands. I'm a hugging kind of person. I wish i could ballroom dance. I 'm like an old lady and go to bed at 10 most nights haha. I'm a morning person. I get way too hyper sometimes. I am an awful singer but do it anyway. I dance around my apartment when no one else is here. I own way too many shoes. I hate centipedes. I love having a big family. I miss my nieces and nephews all the time. I believe you make your own luck. I don't see any reason to not talk to someone new and meet new people. I have random tastes in music, tv, and books. I wish i could redecorate my place on a monthly basis haha. I love to write. I like the color blue. I am who I am not who you want me to be.

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