Friday, February 10, 2012

Im super nerd today

A) I saw that homework was posted online for one of my classes so I went ahead and finished it and submitted it via email to my professor. The professor sends me an email back "Wow You're a nerd, you finished homework I haven't even assigned yet"
yep... it happened I have the email to prove it

B) While noticing my super organized lab binder and lab mate says to me "Wow you're a nerd, how long does it take you to get organized"

C) After promising to another professor that I would sent them my updated powerpoint by Saturday night, he responds "you're going to email me on a saturday night? What kind of nerd are you?"

Guess this makes me a super nerd today...

Fun stuff for you
Go to google and type the followings into the browser

goglogo--- then click Im feeling lucky

google loco--- then click Im feeling lucky

google gothic--- then click im feeling lucky

ewmew fudd-- then click im feeling lucky

google pig latin-- then click im feeling lucky

chuck norris-- then click Im feeling lucky

do a barrel roll---

let it snow---

google gravity



google pink  --  *For all of these hit the Im feeling lucky button

Epic google

weenie google



google easter egg

google suggest

early google


google moms

google blog search

google heart page

google mentalplex

google holiday

google circa

google bsd

Go to Google Reader, then use your cursor keys thus: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A. A ninja then pops onto your screen and into your search box.

Set your iGoogle homepage to the beach theme. Wait until 3:14am (or if you can't, just move your clock forward). What monster this way comes? Could we be on the shores of Loch Ness?


Ok thats it for now... enjoy


  1. So.... How do you click "I'm feeling lucky" when your browser automatically brings up search results when you type anything into the search bar....?? :(