Thursday, February 9, 2012

Warning: Rant coming on


Super annoyed at the gym today....
So one of the great things about my apartment complex is that there is a 24 hr fitness center that you have to have a key to get into which keeps out the random people. Its never crowded and I can do what I need to do. Tonight I go in to get on the treadmill and start my new 14 day workout

in case you were curious what workout I was talking about... So anyway I am just all content running away when this little blond chick walks in goes to the other door and opens it for her friend who had been standing outside freezing and waiting for her... The two then proceed to joke and giggle at an extremely obnoxious level. There are two tvs in the workout room, one on each end, out of respect for the boys lifting weights on the other end of the room and watching ESPN I turned on my tv to only a 15 where only I could barely hear it and turned on the captions so I could read whatever I couldn't hear. I didnt want to be rude especially since they were there first. So anyway these girls decide to get on the treadmills on the other side of the room... Blond number 1 couldnt figure out how to make the treadmill speed up and was trying to manually make it go faster until Blond number 2 figured out that you could push the "increase speed" button and make it go up. They then proceeded to laugh about this at a high decibel for five minutes.... Then blond 2 grabs the remote from where the boys had layed it down and turns the channel to E! to watch some fashion show and then turns up the volume to 70 so they could hear it while still talking.. The boys got frustrated and decided to leave... they stopped by to wish me luck since I still had 10 minutes of my workout left... After the boys left they decided to jump off the treadmills and run over to my side of the room to grab their phones and they BOTH proceeded to call 2 other people and tell them about their crazy workout and the cute boys that were working out and obviously checking them out.... They were still on the phone pretending to workout when I left.....
A) No respect
B) beyond intellectual help
C) Narcissistic
D) the list goes on and on

I knew Oxford was bad for slutty or skanky girls with eating disorders but I didn't realize that it had moved into my apartment complex... How did these people grow up to believe that they were the center of the universe?? Why do they think everyone should just succumb to their wishes?

OK im done ranting now... I promise... I dont do it very often but some people are just too much to take and I just had to keep reminding myself "patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue"

So my message to you for the night is "patience is a virtue" Keep your cool, this too shall pass hahahah

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