Sunday, February 12, 2012

Great weekend

My Sister is Pregnant!!! Hooray I am going to be an aunt again.... (Although I think I've lost track at this point of exactly how many nieces and nephews I have now haha just kidding) I am super excited for my darling sis Jenni. This will be her second child and I know this one will be as spoiled as her first ;)

Happy Early Valentines Day to everyone in the cyber world today...
Ya ya I don't want to hear your disgruntled moanings on and on about Valentines and the commercialized holiday that it is blah blah blah
I say each day is what you make of it and I have spent many Valentines Days alone and have never rained on other peoples parades about the day. Yayee for you if you are in love and if you aren't then buy your best friend a card or give your mom a call... No one said its only for lovers...

Here is the link for the History Channels outlook on it
Or if you prefer a fluffy sounding history

Either way.... Im excited for the holiday even though I still have no idea what to get a boy for V-day haha
Hopefully my heart will just be good enough... It may be all I have to offer

I had a great weekend... Friday night I needed to study but I got a lot accomplished so it wasn't too bad.
I have a big presentation on Tuesday for my advanced Molecular biology course so Ive been workin on that a lot this weekend...
Yesterday I headed to Phil's I hate going more than a couple days without seeing him. His mom loves Valentines Day so she was having a nice formal dinner with the family, and I was invited!! How cool is that? Anyway his mom and sister made a phenomenal meal that was super delicious and very festive... Of course I had to bring him home with me today... I sleep better when he is around...

Today was day 4 of the 14 day workout... so far its going well and Im going strong and although I am super sore most of the time its going well and Im interested to see if the results are something to marveled at

Alright this is a short post I just wanted to send out an update to everyone...
Hope you all had a great weekend and I hope you have a great week to come!

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