Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The whirlwind that is my life!!

A) I have a job- teaching MBI 201 to mostly freshman and sophomores (We'll say 6-10 hrs/week)
B) I have another job- Research in the Dr.Rachael Morgan-Kiss lab (approx 40hrs/week)
C) I am a student working on her PhD taking multiple classes
D) I have a social life, can you believe it?? Friends, a boyfriend, great family
E) I like to take care of myself- I work out a least an hour per day and I try my best to eat right

So this past week was kind of crazy. My research has been going well so I have been spending more time in the lab working on it and some reactions take forever it seems like. Teaching is going well, I really like my class and they seem very intelligent and they are having a test next week so I spent last week typing up the test and getting it ready for them. And of course Valentines Day and my anniversary with Phil occurred back to back but I got to see him so that was exciting. I made him heart shaped cupcakes and cooked dinner and later in the week he brought me the cutest present: Costello, which looks kinda like our future puppy- A Bernese mountain dog

Classes are going well too I had a big presentation to give last week in Adv. Molec Bio and it went really well and I got my grade back and I got an A so I was happy with that as well.. Some of the feedback was funny though- evidently I humanize bacteria by saying things like "This makes the cell happy" which I was aware I did because I feel like its easier to learn but evidently it isn't always a good thing but other than that most of the comments were super helpful and I feel like I am slowly becoming a better speaker which is good because I present an hour long seminar in April on my own research in front of all the grad students and all the faculty and anyone else who feels like coming... Good luck to me I guess haha. Anyway it was a lot and then I got to relax for the weekend by hanging out with my sweetie..

Friday night I worked out, paid some bills, then he came over. We had decided to go to the casino just for fun since i had to cancel on him the weekend before because I just had too much work that needed to get done. It was super fun and I only lost like 20 bucks which was all i really took anyway but we won't talk about that haha.. Phil seems to think Im lucky but Im stingy too which makes for a really bad gambler... Although I discovered I really like roulette haha. So after midnight we make it home and I decide to sleep in for awhile on saturday then get a work out in before I got my hair done up for the Charter Day ball

Yea thats my hair hahaha I thought it was cute... So anyway after Im all fancied up and have the exam for 201 typed up he finally gets to see me and I get to see him and let me tell you He looked HOTT!! All dressed up and fancy he sure does clean up good. So anyway we went out to dinner first and I felt all crazy being all formal in a normal restaurant but it was fun anyway... I know all the girls were jealous :) So then we head to the ball and it was awesome (See previous post for pictures of the place and my fave pic of us)  The night was amazing... We danced and talked and laughed and he got to meet some more people from my life and it was overall a great night and we didn't even make it home until well after 1am. Which of course resulted in an epic lazy sunday of not getting out of bed and doing all homework from the confines of my comforter and pillows and of course my new Costello. Random side note for the name in case you are curious- My super awesome friend Megan and I were having a discussion about Bernese puppy names because she wants one as well... Her comment was Abbott which of course meant I had to suggest Costello and for some reason the name stuck in my head hahah. So my stuffed puppy is named for that hahaha
This week is still kind of hectic since there is a bunch to get done before spring break (not that I get spring break off, but still for teaching and for my classes there is a lot to be done.... then I got to thinking that it has been awhile since I wrote a self proclamation.. I did this about a year ago and it was kind of interesting  to reflect on who I am and who I have become so I thought I'd try again and see how much has changed since the last time.. I even used part of my last one for profiles on facebook and google and other websites... I recommend all of you trying it... It is kind of interesting to look at how you view yourself...

Especially with Lent beginning so soon here- I am debating if I want to give up something for Lent or not. I already know that I am going to do something I learned in the church in Toledo. The priest made the revelation that rather than give up something meaningless (I mean honestly, how does giving up watermelon in the middle of Winter make me a better Christian?) that we should instead do something every day for someone else. I am thinking of doing both. First off I am going to do one nice thing for someone everyday that I have to go out of my way to do. It can't be something I'd do on a daily basis so it has to have effort and love and compassion associated with it. A pay it forward kind of thing I guess. I might give up something too just to feel the deprivation but I don't know what I enjoy enough to want to give up and make it meaningful... Decisions Decisions... Seeing as how its Fat Tuesday I should get deciding this I guess....

Ok so this post is getting long... I will post my self revelation either tonight or tomorrow
Peace and Love to you all

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