Thursday, February 23, 2012


So I got on the wii fit today and I am down 7lbs from the last time I was on it... Color me excited!!! Which made me start to analyze how different my life is in oxford vs erie... lets go through the day shall we?

Wake up around 7: shower breakfast, coffee
School by 9
lunch: fast food usually or I made something quick
School til 4 sometimes 5
Home to watch the bf play video games
Dinner: usually boxed dinners or pasta
bed around midnight

weekends: Sleep in big breakfast study all day

Up at 6am,
7am: Breakfast of special K cereal
shower get to school by 9
Lunch: Apple, Lit and fight yogurt, either another fruit or granola
Class/work/teaching til 5
home: Workout 60-90 minutes
Dinner: fresh chicken/salmon veggies/ fruit
Bed by 10pm

Weekends: Sleep in
Work out
Go outside with Phil or get out of the house
Healthy lunches and dinner
Still to bed early

Big differences huh?
no wonder Im getting healthy again
I gained it all in a year I'm sure I can lose it in less than that!!

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