Thursday, February 16, 2012

Call me Cinderella!

Call me Cinderella because I feel just like her with the exception of that whole wicked step sister and step mom part haha...
So one of the undergrads, Alex ended up with two extra tickets to Miami's Charter Day Ball check it out here if you are curious-> Charter Day ball Link <-
It's this big huge ball that Miami throws every three years. So anyway he ended up with two tickets and offered them to me.. insert big giddy smile here...  Then there is this really hott guy who wants to go with me... Yes its my boyfriend Phil, but I wasn't lying about the hott part!! So anyway he is all for it and we are going this Saturday night... Which left me with a dilemma... Dress??? So last night two of my friends came with me to find a dress at the mall and get this... there is a store with the name "Cinderella" and all it sells is formal dresses... So 20 some dresses later we have it narrowed down to two dresses and it was decided that I should wear this really pretty brown one... Ill post pictures after Saturday... So I buy the dress of course and let me tell you how awkward the shopping went from there... Boys may not want to read this part but I was intrigued to find that you can buy backless bra which you literally stick to your skin... craziness... Well anyway I got that and then made an appointment to get my hair done too... Im going all out for this just like it was prom all over again but I am very excited about it... I kind of wish that I had someone around here like my mom though- I kind of want someone to gush over us and take pictures of when we first see each other all dressed up, you know... the super corny stuff that makes moments like that fun... So anyway Saturday Night I will be away from my phone because I will be dancing the night away with the love of my life... I couldn't be more happy!!

So then I hope everyone had a good Valentines Day.... my stove went out while I was trying to make my baby some heart shaped cupcakes but the maintenance guy let me into one of the unfilled apartments and I ended up cooking dinner and dessert from the neighbor apartment... I got to see my baby though which was all that mattered!! I got the sweetest gift too but its sweet and romantic so you don't get to know, but Im excited about it!!

So I made the decision today that Im going to enter a half marathon... I started training today... I got on the treadmill, set the pace for a light jog and jogged for 99 minutes straight (99 minutes because at 99 minutes the treadmill shuts off and wont turn back on for a couple minutes) anyway I jogged a little over 8 miles and burned about 900 calories...  A half marathon is about 13 miles so I figure I'm 3/4 of the way there.... So I am going to gradually get up to 13 miles then I will pick up the speed and then hopefully before race time Ill be up to 15 miles so give a little extra so 13 doesn't seem so long hahaha I am really excited about this new goal so as long as I stick with it it should be pretty exciting and fulfilling... I haven't ran that far in a very long time. I figure this will be good for my health, my figure, and my sanity!! i love how I feel after running!! Gotta love those endorphins!

Random ranting now:
I am annoyed beyond belief at the Edon School district right about now... Politics were bad when I was in school but I feel like they have gotten even worse... Names are everything now which sucks for all those kids who don't have the "right" one... Talent doesn't matter, hard work doesn't matter, skill doesn't matter, intelligence doesn't matter, but if you are lazy no talented kid with the right last name and your daddy gets you in then you are bound to start varsity or get better grades. The school is even jaded in their attitude towards teachers... most teachers got into the profession to help kids and educate the youth but now Edon is firing good teachers and even the librarian because of budget cuts.. but you know what we have multiple athletic directors and we rehire back "retired" teachers and hire other teachers to be coaches. This is not how it is supposed to be. Then they say they are getting rid of teachers and won't tell anyone why they choose who they choose even though they dont get rid of less skilled teachers or people with less seniority because they are coaches or have good last names... So they get rid of teachers with seniority who want to help and teach instead....  Even picking coaches is stupid... They would rather hire someone young an inexperienced rather than hire someone who set records and knows how to coach.. one potential coach even offered to work for free for the first year but he didn't have the right last name so he got passed over.. what the hell is happening to that school district... And heaven forbid people speak their minds... Its like everybody wants to just accept the corruption and pretend life is great... and when someone speaks up then everyone cowers in a corner and would rather the person speaking up shut up... When the hell did it be ok to let corruption and injustice run rampant? The name game was crappy when I was in school but it has gotten so much worse... Personally Im very proud of the people who stand up for their kids and stand up for other kids when their own parents wont or cant.... These are the people who should be in educational positions.... These are the people who should be celebrated and not condemned... Speak your minds people. why be so afraid to stand up for yourself your friends and your family? I see why the cowardice "good name" people are afraid of the rubble rousers but what about everyone else? whats your excuse? And when did it become ok to NOT encourage kids to chase their dreams? Oh no one from Edon could make it in Division A sports? really? really?? You deserve to be fired for that... you are a teacher you should be telling kids they can become whatever they want if they put their minds to it. I would have said "good luck kid, you will have to work very hard and be dedicated but I know if you put your mind to it you can do it! have faith in yourself and I will do what I can to help you reach your goals" thats what this teacher should have said.... Crappy people.....To the people who are brave enough to speak your mind and defend your family- I AM SOO PROUD OF YOU and I will stand behind you for anything and for always.! I'm right there with you....

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