Thursday, January 26, 2012

yes two posts in a row

So I had to post again... After posting my last one I decided to adventure out and hit the "Next Blog" button on the top of this screen. It brought me to a site where a woman was posting about her little family. They had adopted a child from China and were chronicling the journey it took to get her and it was amazing how natural and beautiful she looked in their family..
So I hit the "next blog" button again... It brought me to website of a woman whose top post said "We're pregnant" so I began to read and this site what the chronicling of a boy meets girl story where boy meets girl they fall in love get married she has endometriosis they are going through in vitro and after 4 failed attempts (Well 3 failed and one miscarriage) she was strong and pregnant. this lovely young couple was finally having their dreams come true... they looked beautiful and so much in love.... it was wonderful to read...
I decided not to hit the next blog button again for three reasons...
1) My troubles seem so miniscule compared to theirs that I didn't feel right complaining about anything ever again.. My biggest worries include grades and when I will work out tomorrow.. but these couples have real issues and God has come through with them and showed them a life they want to have which leads me to a great quote
"Dont tell God how big the storm is.. Tell the Storm how big your God is"
2) I think it was a sign from God to remind me to put myself in place in the grand scheme of things.. I think he was trying to remind me how lucky I am and to be thankful for the great things he has given me. I didn't want to push my luck by finding one more site where people were having troubles but working through them. (That sounds odd I know but I was thankful for the sites I read and was humbly put into my place)
3) Im really hoping this was just a random coincidence and not some omen for the future because I want to be a mom so bad one day. I want to settle down one day and raise a family and I pray that it comes easily and without worry or strife. I have a friend who has no trouble having babies but she wants to adopt kids with Down Syndrome. She decided it was her calling because these children often are not adopted and in some countries they are put into hospitals and are never held or taken care of. She said she wanted to give them homes and show them what it feels like to be loved. She is an amazing woman and recently married and if her and her husband continue with this idea, those will be the most blessed children in the world. I also have a wonderful and inspirational friend who couldn't have children so she recently adopted an entire family (4 kids) which even included teenagers. She didn't want to break up the family so they adopted them all.. These are amazing women that I would love to be even a 1/100 of the women they are and if God so chooses I will handle it but Im praying that's not the case. I didnt want to chance seeing a third site along the same message... call me superstitious I guess.....

A quote for these strong amazing women
"Am I showing? The answer is on my face not in my belly"

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