Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 1

First day of second semester went smooth as silk:
good news left and right
Found out my microbial ecology wont have lab until after spring break and after spring break we wont have lecture only lab! This means that I have no labs until spring break and after spring break I don't have classes on Wednesday or Friday and this also means no final exams :) how exciting is that?

I also found out that I am gonna be teaching the same course as last semester but because there were excess people teaching it, I'm not going to have to do any prep for that which is going to save me tons of time and allow more time in the lab

I'm getting real results finally in the lab which is exciting and hopefully Ill be putting out a paper here soon. I am super excited that I finally have a direction to be going with it

Then I get home and my awesome apartment complex is gonna be having another free food night. They've had free pizza nights, hotdog nights, deli nights, etc but tomorrow is going to be taco Tuesday

Also in the good news category: Phil is feeling much better today. He had to have a surgery this past Friday, I wont say what for but he is doing much better today. I am super glad for it too... I hate to see him hurting and it breaks my heart when I know I can't help make it better so I am glad the surgery seems to have worked.

Random good news: I have been having trouble keeping my jeans up lately so I decided to randomly try on a new pair today, I got brave and went a size smaller than what I am wearing and guess what- they fit!! I might just have to go jean shopping this weekend haha or maybe ill wait to see if I can get one more size down down and be a bit smaller than I was in high school

Update on the family:
Mom is doing well and her leg/ankle seems to have healed quite nicely and she has been doing well. I think the holidays wore her out but she seemed to have enjoyed it. we made a ton of goodies for the family and neighbors this year
Isn't she cute!

Dad is doing well also and he seems to be having a decent time with things. He is soo funny, he has to have his pacemaker batteries changed here soon and  he told me it was time for his "tune up" hahah only my dad would say something like that hahah

ok that is gonna do it for today I have to cook some dinner and do my yoga and do some reading so good night and God Bless

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