Thursday, January 26, 2012

day out with the boss

So today was a totally random day but awesome... So to begin with I slept in... which is crazy for me because normally I get up around 6am and go for a run on the treadmill or the elliptical for an hour then get ready for work which I have to be there by 9am. But last night Oxford Commons had a free food/party night so Phil came to stay and he had to get up this morning to make it to work by 7:30 so I didnt go for a run. After he left I went back to bed until 8:15am. Got up showered brushed my teeth and headed to school.
Last semester I was helping an undergrad named Amber (haha i know right?) study for a final exam so she brought donuts this morning as a sign of thanks! I was super excited since I didnt have time to eat breakfast anyway since I slept in. Then after work was over the Boss and another professor took last semesters 201 TA's out for a beer which turned into two drinks. There was free food at the place too so now I dont have to cook dinner or worry about it which is super exciting. It was so odd sitting there for two years drinking with professors especially with one being a boss but it was great. We joked and laughed and had a great time... Unfortunately now I must get to work.. Or play on pinterest... whichever comes first hahaha....
Its a great day...

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