Sunday, January 22, 2012

Time to be Random

So in light of the fact that I am ridiculously random at very random times I have decided to randomly post a random blog update... Well ok only slightly random since Phil just reminded me that I haven't updated since Tuesday... He talks to me every day if not seeing me most days and I love that he still checks this site! Makes me happy... So random thought time because I don't feel like being organized right now.
1) It iced here.. we had a bunch of ice and it happened while I was at Phil's Friday night. It was hysterical on saturday morning because his driveway is at a slant and was pure ice... I couldn't walk on it without sliding down so it took a group effort to get to the door which was hysterical. His car was parked behind mine so at one point I clung to the car making it to the back of his car then he got between me and the car and planted his foot so I could climb up to my car and cling for dear life there hahaha It was oddly funny.
2) this didnt stop us from shopping though hahah I went jean shopping and Hooray I am officially a size smaller... I tried on three pairs of jeans and they all fit around the waist and the booty and I couldn't be more exciting. I'm down to my lowest that I ever was in highschool and hopefully it keeps going.
3) which brings me to random point number 3. I've never gone clothes shopping with a boy before and I probably thought it would have been weird before but I'm kinda over now and it kinda makes me laugh how many people thought it was crazy. I had a friend from Oxford, a sister, and my mother say to me "you're taking a boy jean shopping?" he didn't seem to mind and didn't mind my modeling them for him haha. I guess I really don't care if he knows my sizes, maybe he will be more impressed as I keep losing. But I think the real reason i didn't care is because I know he doesn't. its not like he is blind so he knows what i look like and he has had his arms around my waist so whats a number mean to him? he thinks i am beautiful and has even made the comment that i don't have to do this for him... don't get me wrong i want to look good for him but i started this workout regimen and diet before I met him and I'm not going to stop just because I found someone... its mostly for me. its funny though he gives me a whole new strength of confidence which is a good change of pace
4) starting teaching this week.. they didnt have class next week because I teach mondays and tuesdays so i didnt worry about it last week with not having school on monday but we will be full on this week. it takes time out of research but I really don't mind teaching and I know I wont be next semester since the Antarctic trip will be in the middle of the semester
5) Thinking about the future a lot this weekend... best part is is that it looks bright... its been awhile since I have thought that way... I never really pictured myself the way Im picturing it now and i never really got into the girlie thoughts that most girls begin having as little girls but I am getting there... Maybe I just didnt have a reason to dream about it before.... I like being able to talk to someone about a year, 3 years, 5 years from now... I still keep thinking im gonna wake up one of these days and realize its a dream but for now Im happily living it... just in case its not a dream ;)

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