Monday, January 30, 2012


So I had a good weekend.. How bout you?

Saturday I worked and studied all day but Sunday Jenna and I went to Jungle Jims... Which if any of you are from this area and haven't been I suggest you fix this immediately!!!
It is the coolest grocery store in the world.. I bought my first mango... I am super excited about it and can't wait to try it... I love going there... I also got dried tomato and oregano stuffed tortellini which is amazing!!  Anyway it was awesome and I loved  having a girls day out...  Then Phil came over last night and while we should have been studying we decided to look at future potential puppies... We made a list of like ten but it was soo cute.. We looked at all the stats and took quizzes to see what was right for us... Did you know that there are multiple breeds of dogs that are bad with children because they "tend to herd children" some "by nipping" hahah It absolutely cracked me up to read that but obviously that made it a "no" on our list hahah so I think the current winner is a Bernese Mountain Dog... Look how cute

Isn't he adorable..... I think that face is just begging for me to go get him... Look at him he is saying "Amber come get me... come take me home and cuddle with me... I will be your best friend" (As said in a little kid voice as if talking to a baby) hahaha You gotta admit this puppy is adorable though.......

Anyway so this week is starting out good too... I had lunch with Amber today which was awesome.. Of course... and now that I know she reads this here is a shout out to her and her awesomeness...

Aren't we cute hahah
So hey Amber!! And here is your inspiration for the day based on our conversation today...

Also I wanted to throw a little love toward my friend Anne today.... I think she had a really bad day and needs some love and support so if you are reading this please send Anne a little love and some prayers today....
This one is for you Anne

I hope things begin to turn around for you... keep your head up girlie... Love you

Also I wanted to let everyone know that my cousin Natalie had another surgery today and she came through wonderfully from what I hear and I am so proud of that little girl... she is so little and has been through so much but she is always smiling... She is such a strong and beautiful little girl

Isn't she adorable!!! She is the strongest little girl I have ever met!!!
Ok I really need to get to studying so thats it for today!!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful night! Don't forget to be thankful for everything you have been given!!!

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