Sunday, September 2, 2012

The List Day 9

9. List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how.

1) My Mother: She helped form me and shape me into who I am... she taught me to cook and clean and be a strong independent woman

2) My father: He also helped to form and shape me into who I am... He is strong and Trustworthy, kind and sweet at the same time. He taught me to drive and work a chainsaw and build stuff too... He is a jack of all trades

3) My sisters: They have always been there for me and they are who I grew up looking towards and modelling myself after them. They have even been there too when I needed them from far away and they drove to see me when I was down on my luck and a little sister doesn't forget stuff like that... It meant the world to me...

4) My big brother: He acts like a jerk big scary guy to most people but I know him differently.. He is the guy who protects me and would throw himself in front of train for me... He is strong and honest almost to a fault.. he tells it how it is and he isn't going to lie to anyone and he wont talk behind your back, he'll say it to your face.... He has my best interest at heart and he works hard for his family and he is a huge influence on me

5) Aubrey: I met her when I was young and she was a youth adviser for a church sponsored trip to Cedar Point.. She and I have been friends ever since and we can go months without talking and pick right back up where we left off... The thing that makes her an influence though is her love of family.... She adopted an entire family of kids and she accepted them into her home with husband. The things she has been through and the magic she makes happen just makes her a role model for anyone who knows her...

6) Teresia and Corissa: They have been my best friends since I was 5 years old and have stood by me even when I didnt deserve it and therefore they have been a huge influence for me. They have even grown up before my eyes and become beautiful women... One has an adorable son and one is recently engaged so I look forward to participating in these new aspects of their lives

Ok we are going to just do 7... Ive decided I dont want to just "come up" with three more so Im going to end on 7 so I don't start bull shitting left and right

7) Phil: He gave me faith in love again and he taught me to believe in love and romance again..... He has been my strength and my rock and my provider.. He takes care of me, guides me and loves me... He lets me love him and take care of him too.... He has become so much to do me and I don't doubt that he will continue to influence me for the rest of my life....

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