Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The List: day 20

20. Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood

1) I remember when Dad used to be on the maintenance committee at Church... He would go over on the weekends to fix stuff and I'd go along... Most of the time he'd start out letting me help.. I'd hold stuff hand him stuff or sit and pretend to listen... Eventually I'd get bored and end up going up to the pulpit with a hymn book in my hand then proceed to go through it and belt out every song I recognized haha... I couldn't possibly have been good cause I've never been a great singer but I like doing it and hopefully God appreciated the effort haha. My poor dad had to listen to it... all the time hahahah He sure is a good sport! I was in the middle of one of these "concerts" when I met Father Fred for the first time. He came in to drop off stuff and introduced himself to Dad and I... I don't think he'll ever let me live that one down hahaha

2) I remember cooking with Mom... We'd cook at home and for the church... Every year there was this big Knights of Columbus breakfast and mom was always asked to cook for it. We'd go to Chief in Bryan and get all the ingredients then head to the school basement where we would proceed to cook. We made gravy and biscuits, eggs, all kinds of stuff... There were these big huge pots that we'd make the gravy in it held gallons which always amazed me hahah. Go figure, my mom cooking for a crowd (with our family thats a normal occurrence our family is huge haha) Anyway there was a bunch of women who would come help serve breakfast and one time we were prepping that morning and one of the ladies asked mom and I to sing for her and so we did... "Will the Circle be Unbroken" I never forgot that... I love my mom

3) HAHA ok this one is for Teresia.... There was this time when T came over to play with me when we were younger... We got the bright idea to go over to the school yard to play that way we didnt break anything at home or get in my parents way... So we grab a frisbee and head over where we proceed to play in the small area between the school and the old convent which was being occupied by the Petersons at the time. Anyway a few minutes into it T throws the frisbee to me, it goes severely off course and it breaks a window hahaha... yea yea I know you saw that coming... but anyway We had to go get my dad, he bought a new window and replaced it.... Right out of my allowance fund hahaha Love you Teresia!!!

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