Friday, September 28, 2012


Phil and I have been doing some house hunting and after putting in bids on three places we finally have an accepted offer!!!!

So now that that is done its time for all the inspections... We've completed some inspections but not all of them yet so the process isn't over yet and it isn't ours yet.. but we are on our way!!!

I wanted to post some pictures to show you what we are getting...
Its a one story ranch with a big basement.. Three bedrooms 1 Bath and evening a dining room/breakfast nook for a table so that way I can entertain company coming over!!! Super excited about that part...
Anyway here are some pictures

 This is the front....

 Phil's little car in the driveway....  I can picture the Alero there hahah

 Living room needs a paint job but look at that window!!! I'm thinking a big fat Christmas tree will look great there!!!!!

 Cute kitchen with plenty of cupboard space for me!! And room for a dishwasher!! Hooray for not doing dishes!!!

Sorry I forgot to rotate this one but it's my dining room hahah... again it needs a paint job but we can fix that!!! Hooray for dining rooms!!! (I don't have one now)

ok thats it for now... keep your fingers crossed for us!!!

God Bless!!!!

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