Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sad Face

So this is starting to get frustrating... and sucks big time... Phil and I have been looking at houses for months now... We have put bids in on THREE!! Count them... THREE houses and we haven't gotten a single one.... People are actually paying cash above the sale amount.... How are we ever supposed to have a chance at one with that kind of thing happening... Phil and I dont have 50 grand or more just laying around so we can invest in a property... We struggle and survive and want a starter house.... Maybe God has a bigger plan and our perfect house in mind but I sure wish he'd show it to us soon... We'd love to have one before I leave in 6 weeks.... GRRR... I just want one to work out for us... I actually really liked this one we just lost too... Guess Im gonna have to do some research and see what I can do to fix this... and soon....

since i dont want to be a complete downer Ill end this post with the fact that I got a penguin today.. He is a cute little stress ball in the shape of a penguin.. Got him from Promega and he is in my office sitting on my desk content as could be... Love him hahaha oh I also got a free shirt but the penguin is way cooler hahah

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