Monday, April 30, 2012


April Showers bring May flower right?

Well its raining here now in the last few hours of April so by tomorrow the flowers should be in full bloom right?

Life is good and has been busy so sorry for not updating recently. Finals are this week and I just submitted my only take home final so I am officially done with my first year of graduate school.... Guess who is excited? This girl is!!! I wont be taking classes this summer or next semester because of the Antarctica trip so I only have Spring semester of next year and I am done with classes for good.... Its weird to think a year from now I will be going through comps and hopefully will be on my way towards full time research. School is going well though and I should be able to keep my A's in both of my courses so that's exciting. I hope teaching evaluations come back as good as they did last semester too.... I was very excited about how great they were last semester. And then there is research which is going well too... I have a big collaboration project coming up starting two weeks from today. I have been getting ready for it and it has become evident that for 10 days I will have to go to school every 4 hours for culture sampling (and sampling will take an hour each time) and I am tired already thinking about it hahaha. Its gonna be a long couple of weeks and I already told Phil he is gonna be in charge of the house for those two weeks all the cooking and cleaning haha and surprisingly he was ok with it haha.. I am so lucky to have such a great man in my life. But yea so this project I guess will lead to a small publication and my boss told me it will be a good start to my thesis so that's exciting and makes the crazy hours totally worth the effort.

Speaking of research I went shopping with Phil on Sunday and I bought my boots for Antarctica!! How exciting is that? They are pretty cool and I am going to test them out when Phil and I go hiking... Im sure my feet will be super hot though because they are designed for -40 degree weather so Ohio in early summer may be a little much but I want to try them out so oh well hahah. The clothing is gonna be expensive for this trip so its a good thing I dont have to pay for the trip itself hahah

Also while out and about and looking for a bridal shower gift for my niece, Phil and I ended up buying new pillows and stuff for the bed. We both thought it was kind of funny that we are buying stuff together for "the home" but Im ok with it... Its kinda nice to know that kind of stuff doesn't freak him out. This is such a great relationship... Im a lucky woman....

Speaking of my awesome man he is graduating this coming weekend!! I am so incredibly proud of him!!! I love that has accomplished something with his life and got a degree out of it! He is so incredibly intelligent and I can't wait to see him walk across that stage!!!

Going home May 11th finally!! The 12th is my niece's bridal shower and mothers day is the next day so I can't wait to see my mom!! I was remembering old memories with Phil the other day about my mom and It still amazes me just how cool she is... Some of my great memories include singing in the kitchen with her or listening to her sing while we cooked or baked together... I learned to cook I learned new songs and I learned more about her while we spent those times in the kitchen and I am blessed to have her!

ok this is getting long ill give you a break for tonight haha

God Bless xoxoxoxo

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