Sunday, April 8, 2012

sorry its been awhile

Happy Easter everyone!!!!

Sorry it's been awhile since I;ve last updated... I have been super busy and it seems like the next couple weeks aren't going to get any better. So I thought I would update while watching Frozen planet tonight. Phil brought it to my attention that it has been awhile... so sorry.....
There is a lot to say actually and a lot has happened it seems like.
Bad news or good news first?
Bad news I guess... My sister had something awful happen to her but she is pulling though and although she lost her pregnancy she is doing well all things considered and I know they will have better luck next time... It is times like this though when I wish I lived closer to home... I just want to go home and crawl into bed with her and eat cadburry eggs and watch tv.....
Been kind of a crazy week. I had my first committee meeting... So committee's are formed for each student involving faculty that they think will be of the most use to them. These people determine what classes you will take, that you are working on, and when you get to take comps and start writing your thesis and stuff like that... essentially these are the people that decide your life. I think it went ok after I was drilled for an hour but they agreed to to let me not take classes next semester but yet still take comps on time... Life should be ok over all... I can't wait to go to Antarctica but I as it gets closer I realize just how much I am going to miss Phil and being around him everyday... Its funny how addicted you can get to a person... ok so addicted probably isn't a good word but hopefully you know what I mean... speaking of which

ANNE!!!! I love you and i hope things are going well and aren't letting your mind get the best of you... You are an amazing woman and you deserve all the joy you are receiving so soak it up and love it because you deserve to be happy and loved....

So Today was Easter... I thought Id be super bummed not being with my family and sure enough I missed them a ton and thought about them all day but the weekend was pretty amazing...
Saturday night was grandma Teufel's birthday so there was a party at Phil's aunts house. I pretty much met most of his family on his dad's side in an hour hahaha... Went out that night with the immediate family which of course was fun it was nice to meet the members of his family who had facebooked me way back when we started dating.... Today was church with his parents and his sister and that was interesting... It was so much different from what I am used to but not necessarily in a bad way... just different... made me miss home... kinda wished I was going to church with dad and I hoped someone would be home to go with him.... Then we went back to his house and his awesome mom had a basket for me but of course all of our baskets were hidden and we had to go find them... I haven't done that in years so it was interesting and fun and kinda crazy... Phil's dad hid his up the flag pole which was beyond hysterical... Ill post pictures soon!! Then after breakfast and then after baskets were found it was time for a short nap before heading to his mom's side of the family Easter... I met about half of his mom's family at their Easter dinner and it was a lot of fun.. Everyone on both sides were super sweet and nice and easy to talk to and get along with... We were joking about how big our future events would be with both of us having such huge families... I love it though... I know we will never have to worry about family or being loved!

So big stuff coming up soon...I have a presentation tomorrow and thursday and then next week is scary week.... April 17th is my hour long seminar to the micro department then i have a presentation in ecology on wednesday and then that weekend is my first poster presentation at proctor and gamble in cincinnati.... The entire week I feel like I will be a nervous wreck.....  Im just going to sleep all day that Sunday afterward hahahaha

Ok this is getting long and its way past my bedtime so Im going to say goodnight and I hope you all have an amazing week and that your Easter was amazing as well... He has Risen!!!
God Bless!!!

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