Sunday, April 22, 2012

A week in the life....

Sorry it has been since Monday when I last posted but this week has been crazy!!!!
Tuesday was the big seminar!!! I think it went off without a hitch.. I forgot to be nervous and my boss said it only took me 3 slides to slow down and then the rest of the presentation 65 slides worth went well.... Other people in the department were very helpful. They said I did great and were very helpful with comments to make it even better and I even got a few ideas of how to make my research better and more sound and reliable... it was a good experience... I had to teach immediately after the seminar so my voice was about gone after that but I think it went pretty well. Then on Wednesday I had another presentation, this one for Ecology. They posted grades and I have a 97 in the class so I think I am pretty sound in my grade, then they decided to cancel the final exam since everyone was doing well anyway... I wasn't the least bit disappointed let me tell you!!! hahah So then on Thursday a bunch of highschool kids were in the department for a look into the college life and science and what not and so we had an experiment set up for them so that they could do some real lab work. It was pretty good and I thought it went well. I kind of like showing them how to do stuff and I liked it when they got excited to see Chlamydomonas dancing around under the microscope!! My lab is too cool... So I rewarded myself for a tough week by not going in on Friday. I slept in worked out and then headed to lunch with a bunch of people from the department. After lunch a bunch of us went to the bar and eventually ended up back at my friend's house for pizza and laughing... I havent laughed that hard in a long time!! It was great... Then Friday night was date night with my baby which included dinner and a movie and tons of just hanging out with each other... I even got all dressed up which is always fun!!!... Saturday was OBASM (Ohio branch of the American Society for Microbiology) and I think it went well. The same people from Friday all went and I got to meet a lot of people that work at Proctor and Gamble. My poster presentation was ok too. It was my first poster presentation but I think it went well! I had three different judges come to judge me. The first judge was tough and kind of tore my research to bits but then it all went uphill from there. The second judge was this sweet little old guy and he seems intrigued by the Antarctica work. Then finally the third judge made my day. She and I talked for a long time and she asked questions and I stood confident and talked to her and answered them and then she asked me if I was a 3rd or 4th year PhD student. When I told her I was only in my first year she didn't believe me. She thought I had accomplished way too much and knew too much but then admitted to me that even if I was bullshitting her the entire time I was confident enough that she believed me. We joked about that and she told me that I did a wonderful job which was great to hear!!! By the time I got home from the day I was exhausted and took a nap but that night Phil and I headed over to a post Obasm party with some of the amazing people in my department. I was happy to finally have everyone meet Phil and vice versa... I talk about them enough it was about time he meet them and them meet him. It was a great time and again I laughed so hard Im sure I burned a thousand calories last night hahaha... Those people crack me up.... Now today should be a day of rest but I got really motivated to clean since I havent had time in a long time so its spring cleaning... everything is done... laundry, vacuum, mopping, dusting, kitchen, bathroom... EVERYTHING is getting cleaned!!! I love it, it smells so much cleaner and fresher in here!!!!

Ok this is long enough for now Ill post again this week
Peace and Love

Shout out to Anne!!!! Congrats on the new Job I am soooooo proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh and here is the poster!!!

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