Thursday, May 3, 2012

Great week so far!

So this week has been AMAZING!!!

A) I am officially done with school for the year meaning I am officially done with my first year of Graduate school
B) I bought my hiking winter boots for Antarctica!!
C) Wednesday get away with my amazing boyfriend with the chance to try out new hiking boots
D) Worked all day today and got a lot accomplished (7am-9pm) but my research is going into a cool direction so Im ok with it
E) Tomorrow I get to hang out with Emily and her horse Gus after work which of course includes awesome outdoor time
F) My baby graduates Saturday!!!!!

yesterday Phil and I decided to get away and celebrate the end of the school year and his college life so we headed to Madison Indiana to Clifty Falls for some hiking and relaxing... It was funny because we only planned on about 4 miles hiking and we got lost and took a wrong turn and 10 miles later we were finally in the car on our way back to oxford... Even tired and lost I still had fun with him... He is kinda amazing like that!!!

Ok i know this is short but im still busy at work i just wanted to say hello and let you all know life is good so Smile relax and enjoy the sun!!

Peace and Love always

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