Thursday, June 21, 2012

Its been awhile, sorry

Hey all... I hope this post finds you well and happy and healthy and loving life!

Sorry it has been since the 5th when I last updated... You know how life goes.... It just is hard to keep up with sometimes... so lets see.... 
Nothing much happened with the end of that week. Phil's uncle had a birthday party that Friday so we got to see a lot of the family on his dad's side that night which was nice!
then on Saturday we went to a Detroit Tigers game in Cincinnati and of course Detroit won!!! it was funny because we were cheering for different teams and even the lady next to us got a kick out of watching us never cheering at the same times hahahah But my boys didnt let me down and we won!!! Verlander must have known I was coming because he shaved hahaha Phil was a good sport considering I oohed and aahhed over Justin Verlander for the entire game ahahha

I was pretty excited about this photo not gonna lie hahaha
We went to this church festival after the game and I got to see fireworks which of course made me happy and Phil won be two adorable bears at the carnival games hahah. Love him....

 That night was another concert night in our summer series so we headed to riverbend to see Jarrod Niemann, Chris young and Miranda Lambert

Jarrod is the bottom picture and I didn't have any awesome ones of Miranda to post but I have plenty pics of the concert on my facebook so feel free to check it out there! Some are very blurry... I really need a new camera and a few lessons on photography but hey I don't try to impress I just wanted the memories for one day when im too old to remember that Phil and I went to a million concerts in one summer hahahah maybe my lack of talent will improve with age and one of these days ill be awesome at photography hahahah (not holding my breath)

So anyway Concert was amazing and then on Saturday morning my mom and dad came to visit me!!! I was incredibly excited to have them here since they haven't seen the apartment all decorated and finished!!! It was so fun to show them the place and to have them stay with me. Phil got kicked out for a couple days but I figured he could stay with parents since it was fathers day weekend anyway hahaha. Saturday night we went to a party for Phil and his house and my parents met his ENTIRE family (both sides) and everyone seemed to get along great which is definitely a blessing!!! Will make the future much easier for us both hahah
Sunday morning I made a huge breakfast for us and we went to church. Dad was excited to see where I go to church here and I think he really liked it and the priest which was cool. I think he feels better about me living here now hahah Then sunday night I made a huge Fathers day feast with grilled malibu chicken, squash and zucchini, rice, and even an array of desserts for  him. Phil and his mom joined us and I thought dinner went well! Everyone said they liked it so maybe I am getting pretty good at this whole domestic housewife thing hahaha I love learning to cook though and I think i am getting much better at it now that I buy only fresh foods.
If it can go bad its good for you if it can't go bad in a week it isnt - awesome words to live by. So i dont eat any fast food and i avoid processed foods like its my job so now its a lot more fruits veggies and proteins.
Anyway I gotta get to work now
I will finish updating you more soon

peace and love

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