Friday, June 1, 2012

all kinds of happy

So a lot has been going on sorry for the lack of posts....
Maciek my collaborator from Chicago left last Saturday. We got so much accomplished and achieved so much data that I think we are turning it into two papers instead of one.. The idea of having my name on multiple publications astounds me. I am already starting to work on the manuscript for one of them and I can't believe this is all really happening. Talk about a happy girl!!
This week at work was pretty laid back because I have to go through one last long week of four hour samplings starting on monday. It will be especially long since I will be doing it by myself but I figure I can handle that just fine! Its only five days after all!
We got a new student for the summer and she seems pretty cool and it sounds like Im going to be working with her a lot. She is an undergrad from New York here on a research experience thing but she seems competent enough so it wont be too bad I dont think. The project she is helping me with should be pretty interesting too so Im not too worried

Went to Cumberland with Phil and his family last weekend. It was a great time and I got an awesome tan!! We went out on the boat all day Saturday and Sunday and I went tubing with Phil on Sunday.. HE IS CRAZY AWESOME... so while im holding on for dear life he is doing tricks and at one point decides to jump OVER me three times in a row.. it was crazy and his mom got it on video so hopefully I can show you guys at some point! My weird irrational fear of deep water wasnt bad either. We floated around together and fell off the tubes together and I didn't freak out which was good.. I just feel safer with Phil around I think.... Life is overall just better when he is around

Last night we went to a concert down in Riverbend and it was amazing. Thompson Square, Darius Rucker, and the AMAZING LADY ANTEBELLUM!!! right after Darius finished they postponed the show due to weather and Phil and I got drenched but we stuck around and by 10pm Lady A was back on stage singing. It was kind of fun to hang out dancing and holding each other and kissing each other in the rain. It amazes me what a great group they are. they sound just like they do on the radio when they are in real life which is impressive I think. Few groups are that good! I was very impressed and it was well worth the rain

Finished reading "the hunger games" in about 2-3 sittings. I barely started it one day then got well over half way the next day and finished it yesterday. it was good i have to admit and I am looking forward to buying the second and third ones to finish this weekend... Its nice reading for fun again...

K back to work now. Hope all is well with everyone
God Bless

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