Thursday, July 12, 2012


So now it is well into July! Birthday Month!!! Hahaha I love birthdays… not just mine but everyones hahaha. Im a nerd but I know my sister Jenni is just like that too so I’m not the only one. So lets get caught up shall we?
Last weekend Phil and I headed to Cumberland for the weekend to hang with his family on the lake. We took our sweet time getting there stopping for random shopping trips and just took our time but eventually we got there and hung out around the campfire that night. Saturday we went out on the boat all day and I got fried hahah Im already peeling from it. Come to find out Phil is quite the water skiing champ and I got to witness it first hand. He said he will teach me too which should be interesting hahah. Saturday night his family surprised me by celebrating my birthday!!! Mom and Dad got me an awesome 6qt crockpot and an amazing set of new measuring spoons for me. My sweetie got me the 50 shades of grey book and his sister got me the other two parts to that series. We even had a yummy dessert which they put candles on. I was so surprised but super excited!!! Sunday morning we went fishing and caught 4 fish!!! Pretty good for a beginner like me I thought!!!!! Phil was a great teacher!!!

Had a flat tire this week that was a pain to deal with but oh well… Take everything in stride I guess!
Last night Phil got off work early since he went in early so we decided to go try out Frisbee golf… It was actually pretty fun since we teamed up rather than competing but I had a great time and it gave us a chance to get outside and explore some… It was a great date night.
Heading home this weekend!!! My niece got married in Ireland a week or so ago and her reception is Saturday night so I will get to see the whole family which Im excited about. Phil should have met almost everyone by now but in case we missed anyone they should be at the reception.
Summer is going way to fast…. I need it to go ahead and start over hahaha
Next Thursday we leave for my first caving experience!!! Guess who is excited…. This girl!!!! Phil took me to get my ‘caving suit’ and he bought me gloves and there are only a few more things we need to figure out. We leave Thursday and cave Friday and Saturday then we come home Sunday morning and Phil and I have another concert Sunday night…. Talk about a busy couple of weeks hahaha
Live it up I guess… we are only young once!!!
Peace and love

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