Monday, November 26, 2012

a few pics

 The team leaving for the field: Rachael, me, Jenna, and Wei

Lake Fryxell from  the helicopter

Home Sweet home

Hard at work collecting samples: this is the Niskin and Wench I mentioned yesterday

 The Canada Glacier!!

 Me in front of the glacier collecting "berries"

The Blob: Sediment mat that has made its way up through the ice coverage to the surface!

 One of the dives into the Lake

Lake Fryxell with the Canada Glacier

 Lake Bonnie and the Polar Haven for sample collections. 4 team members are on the shore collecting ice for water
 My first drilling experience.... Yea it was awesome....

This is how deep we had to drill to get to the water beneath the ice

The West Lobe Bonnie Polar Haven with the Taylor Glacier in the background right before a storm

 Lake Bonney and us playing on the ATV

We found a penguin randomly in the ceiling of this ice coverage.. poor little guy must have been lost


 A picture of West Lobe Bonney and the Taylor glacier as seen from the Bonnie Riegel dividing the two lobes.

Exploring the benefacts we found some cool rocks and here I am peering through one of them..

And this is another one which gave a great view of the Matterhorn Mountain

Both lobes of the Lake with the Bonnie Riegel separating them as seen from the benefacts

 Blood Falls on the Taylor Glacier at West Lobe Bonney as seen from the helicopter on our way to Lake Vanda
 Working hard at Lake Vanda to get our drilling and sampling done

 One of the many glaciers here as seen from the helicopter on our way back to Bonnie

We have to hook the helicopter with our helo boxes in order to transport all of our equipment from one lake to the next. He helicopter hovers while we latch it on...

Me inside the helicopter at Lake Hoare... The pilot was nice enough to let me "play" inside hahah

 At lake Hoare we had a great Thanksgiving meal!

The Seuss Glacier on the edge of Lake Hoare right as the sun begins to hide behind the mountain

The team right before our hike back to Lake Bonney: This hike would take us 4 hours after eating way too much for Thanksgiving (great opportunity to burn off those calories hahah

Good bye to  one glacier and hello to the next

The entire Lake Bonney!! Isnt it pretty!!!

The Landscape over the mountains on our flight back to McMurdo Base

 Our first morning back on base we all decided to get up and run a 5K hahah We must be insane hahah
(L to R) Hilary, Amy, me, Miye, Tyler, Kyle and Jenna in front

My nutrient amendment experiment under way
  1 lake 4 conditions (control, with Nitrogen, with Phosphorus, and With N&P) 3 replicates

 My awesome boss and I after getting our faces painted... I got an awesome star while she got a bright green mustache.. Ya we rocked it hahahha

 Got Fake Knuckle Tats in honor of our awesome team name "Team Protist"
(See Phil I do wear my "Other" engagement ring down here hahah)

Views from the helicopter thanks to John

 His pan photo
One more

And thats the photo diary!!

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