Tuesday, October 9, 2012


So get this... I became an engaged woman this past weekend!!!
So here's the story....

I should have known it was coming... there were things leading up to it and looking back at it, it all comes together and makes sense hahah
I thought I saw my dad hugging him back when we visited them last time
He was going outside to talk on his phone last week which he never does
My mom was being odd hahah

Anyway so... We decided to go camping/hiking with my niece Carrie and her husband Paul this past weekend. We met at the Daniel Boone State Park in Kentucky on Friday afternoon and were got unpacked and put up our tents and whatnot...  Then Carrie suggested that we go for a small hike before the sun went down so we headed out. Since it was a small hike I told Phil he didn't have to take his bag and I would just carry my camelback bag so he went to the car and packed it up for us. We went out for a hike and came across this awesome overlook and the view was absolutely spectacular....

It had only been a small hike so we decided to go find another outlook which was the opposite direction from the car... As we were passing by the car Phil said he needed to get something from the car and would catch up to us, so he grabbed the keys from the backpack and away he went. Carrie Paul and I continued the hike and he caught up to us a few minutes later. We eventually got to this really cool overlook and the view was again... spectacular!!! and to make it even better the sun was going down and it all looked just miraculous... So Phil suggested we have Carrie take our picture and of course I agreed...

I thought it was odd that he made me take my backpack off for this one... but I kinda shrugged it off as in "oh ok he wants a better picture hahaha So we took this picture and I thought it was weird that his heart was racing but I thought maybe he was just out of breath from the climb... anyway Carrie came over and handed the camera back to me... I turned to look at him and he dropped down on one knee in front of me.... He asked me to marry him and of course I said yes... Just as he stood up Carrie was able to snap this picture with her own phone... We just missed having a picture of him on his knee... but the sun ray almost looks like God is smiling down on us and blessing our union already!!!

And here is the pretty ring... Didn't he do good???

So we went back to camp and called everyone we needed to call and text and all that jazz... The rest of the weekend was great... The nights were chilly but the hiking on Saturday was amazing

And now I am engaged to the love of my life and soul mate and I couldn't be happier!!!!
Maybe Ill turn this blog into a wedding planning blog after I get back from Antarctica hahaha

Thank you everyone for your love and support!!!

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